For Clients:

Therapy is sometimes a very important step on gifted people's healing and developmental journey. While we don't offer therapy via InterGifted, here is some information that may be helpful for you as you search for a good gifted therapist:

It may also be helpful to review what traditional therapy can address:

  • Healing from physical and psychological trauma, as well as complex trauma, gifted-specific trauma and other childhood or adult emotional wounding and fragmentation
  • Healing from break-ups, divorce, separation, abusive relationships or other relational rupture, and (re)learning to trust after trust has been broken
  • Addressing states of apathy, depression, existential depression, anger, rage, grief, anxiety, toxic shame and toxic perfectionism
  • Treating mental health issues and addictions
  • Intensive couples- or family-oriented work to resolve long-standing conflicts
  • Learning basic functional strategies for twice- or multi-exceptional challenges
  • Learning basic self-reflection and self-regulation skills

If you are in a phase of your development where you are ready to focus on envisioning and building toward future goals, you may find that coaching and integration work are a better fit for you, and that is something we at InterGifted provide.

For Therapists:

If you are a therapist wanting to specialize in working with gifted clients, we invite you to explore Jennifer Harvey Sallin's Gifted Psychology Training for therapists and coaches.