Therapy is sometimes a very important step on gifted people's healing and developmental journey. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer our therapy search service. As you search for a therapist, you may find some helpful information in this article by our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin: Supporting Gifted People: Guidelines for Therapists & Coaches (and Advice for Gifted Clients). It may also be helpful to review what therapy can address:

  • Healing from physical and psychological trauma, as well as complex trauma, gifted-specific trauma and other childhood or adult emotional wounding and fragmentation
  • Healing from break-ups, divorce, separation, abusive relationships or other relational rupture, and (re)learning to trust after trust has been broken
  • Addressing states of apathy, depression, existential depression, anger, rage, grief, anxiety, toxic shame and toxic perfectionism
  • Treating mental health issues and addictions
  • Intensive couples- or family-oriented work to resolve long-standing conflicts
  • Learning basic functional strategies for twice- or multi-exceptional challenges
  • Learning basic self-reflection and self-regulation skills

Sometimes it is important to work through trauma directly via the body, rather than via talk therapy, and for that we recommend seeking support with a somatic therapist. You may want to have a look at the website of our InterGifted body & energy therapist Esther Goldinger to see if her work is a good fit for supporting you.

For finding more traditional gifted-specific therapists, you may want to start your search with the SENG list of gifted-specific providers.

If you are a therapist wanting to specialize in working with gifted clients, we invite you to explore Jennifer Harvey Sallin's Gifted Psychology Training for coaches and therapists.