Esther Goldinger

Body & Energy Therapist
Therapy is sometimes a very important step on gifted people's healing and developmental journey. While we don't offer traditional therapy, our body & energy therapist Esther Goldinger works with gifted and twice-exceptional adults who are in a healing and integration process.
Via online sessions (or in person in Switzerland), she guides and supports her clients to manage their overexcitabilites and emotional imbalance; to heal from gifted trauma, intergenerational trauma and developmental trauma (including complex CPTSD); and to engage in a dedicated path of personal development and holistic growth. Methods include somatic work and body reconnection; nervous system regulation and energetic work; balancing and transforming emotions into resources and strength; working to heal and reconnect fragmented parts of the self; strengthening self-awareness, self-love, self-care, and healthy boundaries; and spiritual development.
This form of integrated body and trauma work brings gifted clients a sense of wholeness, peace and wellbeing -- a feeling they can move on from their past to a new energy, fully engaging in life, starting new projects and experiencing a fuller, more present-minded version of themselves.

Esther also offers courses and workshops for gifted adults, coaches and therapists, to support their healing, integration, energy management, well-being and personal empowerment. Learn more, book a session or join an upcoming event with Esther via

More information & resources on therapy for gifted adults

If you are in search of a more traditional gifted-specific therapist, you may want to start your search with the SENG list of gifted-specific providers. As you search for a therapist, you may find some helpful information in this article by our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin: Supporting Gifted People: Guidelines for Therapists & Coaches (and Advice for Gifted Clients).

It may also be helpful to review what traditional therapy can address:

  • Healing from physical and psychological trauma, as well as complex trauma, gifted-specific trauma and other childhood or adult emotional wounding and fragmentation
  • Healing from break-ups, divorce, separation, abusive relationships or other relational rupture, and (re)learning to trust after trust has been broken
  • Addressing states of apathy, depression, existential depression, anger, rage, grief, anxiety, toxic shame and toxic perfectionism
  • Treating mental health issues and addictions
  • Intensive couples- or family-oriented work to resolve long-standing conflicts
  • Learning basic functional strategies for twice- or multi-exceptional challenges
  • Learning basic self-reflection and self-regulation skills

If you are in a phase of your development where you are ready to focus on envisioning and building toward future goals, you may find that coaching and integration work are a better fit for you.

If you are a therapist wanting to specialize in working with gifted clients, we invite you to explore Jennifer Harvey Sallin's Gifted Psychology Training for therapists and coaches.