While InterGifted offers only gifted-specific coaching and mentoring, we understand that therapy is also a very important step on many gifted people's healing and developmental journey. For this reason, we offer a service in which we help you search for a gifted-specific therapist in your area and/or online (according to your preference) who will be able to provide the right kind of support for your unique neurocognitive profile. We are experienced in and knowledgeable about the potential risks and challenges associated with trying out therapists - especially when one needs gifted-specific or twice-/multi-exceptional support. We have developed a process whereby we can help you locate one or several viable gifted-specific therapy options for you to pursue. We research, contact therapists if necessary to verify that it's a match, and support you in learning how to advocate for your gifted-specific needs as you get started in therapy.


As part of our efforts to support everyone (gifted and non-gifted alike) in their processing of ecological grief and heavy feelings related to the current climate emergency, we are also available to help you find a therapist who can help you process your grief or trauma about the state of the world. If you've processed your negative feelings and want support for finding your unique contribution and calling in the collective task of healing the earth, we can connect you with a knowledgeable coach. These efforts are part of the work of our partner project: I Heart Earth.


Jay Sloth Ezzy is trained in psychology and in supporting gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional people. They have helped gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional adults find therapy for themselves as well as for their gifted children (including gifted-knowledgeable couples, family, and career therapy) all around the world. They are also deeply passionate about supporting efforts for the restoration of our Earth, and helping gifted and non-gifted people alike find the right support for healing grief and trauma and finding their unique contribution to the collective task we share.


To get started with an individual therapy search, you can make your therapy search payment of 150 Swiss Francs (CHF) to us via our our paylink. For therapy searches involving multiple people and multiple searches (i.e. separate therapists for parents and children), we charge 75 CHF for each additional person, and you can include that in your payment. If there are multiple people in your search, but you are unsure of the total cost, email Jay and they will help you determine the right fee for your situations.

Then, to schedule your call with Jay, email the via the form below or directly to (make sure to include your time zone). Calls usually last around 60 minutes, depending on your needs and situation. Following your phone call with Jay, they will conduct a therapy search for a fitting therapist. This can take anywhere from several days to two weeks, and Jay will stay in contact with you during that time to let you know how the process is going and answer any questions you may have. Once you have some viable therapy options for moving forward, Jay will remain available for any follow-up questions you may have. If significant additional call time is needed with Jay during the first call, or for subsequent calls to discuss gifted self-advocacy in therapy or in other psychiatric treatment situations, that time is billed at the rate of 75 CHF per hour.


Many people are unsure about whether they need therapy, coaching or mentoring. Most simply put, therapy is for when you are not in an emotionally or psychologically stable place (i.e. struggling with traumatic reactions, excessive negative emotion such as fear, anger, apathy, or shame, which are affecting your daily life and ability to fully engage in relationships). Coaching and mentoring are for when you are feeling energetic and ready to make progress and construct and refine personal, emotional, relational and professional projects (i.e. learn about your giftedness, explore more fitting career options, learn how to better relate to and communicate with others, learn to use your gifted voice and intuition, and so on).

For many people, their personal landscape is a mix of those states and goals, so it's not a clear-cut question. You can be ready to learn about your giftedness and explore new career options (in the range of courage and hope), all the while struggling with trauma reactions (in the range of shame, shut-down, anger and so on). For many, engaging in therapy for the trauma reactions while simultaneously exploring gifted coaching for the more forward-exploring aspects of their journey is the right solution. This is something that Jay can help you explore, so that you are getting the right support for the right aspects of your life.


(You may find it insightful to compare this list with the list on our coaching & mentoring page)

  • Healing from physical and psychological trauma, as well as complex trauma as a gifted person
  • Healing from gifted-specific trauma and other childhood or emotional adult wounds
  • Recovering from abusive relationships, including abusive parenting, sexual, emotional,or physical abuse, psychiatric abuse, religious, spiritual or ideological abuse, social injustice and violence, domestic violence, and workplace or school bullying
  • (Re)learning to trust after trust has been broken
  • Treating states of apathy and depression, including existential depression
  • Healing from break-ups, divorce, separation or other relational rupture
  • Intensive couples- or family-oriented work to resolve long-standing conflicts
  • Learning basic functional strategies for gifted-specific, and twice- or multi-exceptional challenges
  • Gaining basic self-awareness and self-reflection skills


To further explore these questions, you may benefit from reading:



After you've made your therapy search payment (see above), email Jay Sloth Ezzy at to schedule your call (remember to include your time zone).

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