Therapy is sometimes a very important step on gifted people's healing and developmental journey. Given that gifted-knowledgeable therapists can be hard to find, we offer assistance for finding a gifted-specific therapist who will be able to provide attuned therapeutic support for you and your unique neurocognitive profile and needs. Learn more about gifted-specific therapy and our therapy-search service below.


Many people who come to us are unsure whether they need therapy or coaching. Most simply put, therapy is designed to support you when you are not in an emotionally or psychologically stable place (i.e. struggling with traumatic reactions, excessive negative emotion such as fear, anger, apathy, or shame, which are affecting your daily life and ability to fully engage in relationships). Coaching is for when you are stable and feeling ready to construct, refine and make progress on personal, emotional, relational and professional goals.

Sometimes, people find their personal landscape is a mixture between those states and goals. You can be ready to learn about your giftedness and explore new career options, all the while struggling with mental health issues, trauma reactions, and other heavy negative emotions related to specific life issues. For many, engaging in therapy for the heavier aspects which need therapeutic support while simultaneously exploring gifted coaching for the more stable and goal-oriented aspects of their life is the right solution. For people in this situation, we suggest you schedule an orienting session with us in which we will help sort through the various threads of your healing and development needs in order to construct a solution tailored to your situation and goals (learn more below).

Feel free to learn more on therapy and coaching from this article by our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin: Supporting Gifted People: Guidelines for Therapists & Coaches (and Advice for Gifted Clients), and at our Gifted Coaching  and Gifted Coaching FAQs pages.


Here's a bit more detail on what you can expect to address in therapy (you may find it insightful to compare this list with the list on our coaching page).

  • Healing from physical and psychological trauma, as well as complex trauma, gifted-specific trauma and other childhood or adult emotional wounding
  • Healing from break-ups, divorce, separation, abusive relationships or other relational rupture, and (re)learning to trust after trust has been broken
  • Addressing states of apathy, depression, existential depression, anger, rage, grief, anxiety, toxic shame and toxic perfectionism
  • Treating mental health issues and addictions
  • Intensive couples- or family-oriented work to resolve long-standing conflicts
  • Learning basic functional strategies for twice- or multi-exceptional challenges
  • Learning basic self-reflection and self-regulation skills


Sometimes it is important to work through trauma directly via the body, rather than exclusively via the mind. We have a gifted-specific body-based practitioner on our InterGifted team who offers virtual sessions, and you can learn about Esther Goldinger here.


As part of our efforts to support everyone (gifted and non-gifted alike) in their processing of ecological grief and heavy feelings related to the current climate emergency, we are also available to help you find a therapist who can help you process your grief or trauma about the state of the world. If you've processed your negative feelings and want support for finding your unique contribution and calling in the collective task of healing the earth, we can connect you with a knowledgeable coach. These efforts are part of the work of our partner project: I Heart Earth.


Our therapy search service includes a 30-minute call or extended email exchange with one of our coaches where we take inventory of your current needs and situation, and then a subsequent search for a fitting therapist for you. The therapy search process costs 160 CHF in total (billed in the currency of the coach); in the case of searches for multiple individuals (such as a parents and children, additional charges apply). When you're ready, email us at or via the form below. Our therapy search coordinator, Karin Eglinton, will schedule a call with you to get the process started.

If you're hesitating between coaching and therapy, feel you may benefit from both, or would like a personalized recommendation of how to combine the various approaches for your particular needs, we suggest you schedule an orienting session with us. Orienting sessions typically last one to 1.5 hours and focus on helping you take inventory of your various needs for healing and development in order to cocreate a generative plan for you, which include personalized therapy, coaching or other resource recommendations. Costs for orienting sessions are 175 CHF (billed in the currency of the coach) per hour.



Email us at or via the form below to get started with your therapy search or to schedule an orienting session. If you have not heard back from us within one week, please resend your email directly to our email address.