The Gifted Psychology 101 course has been a double journey. I enrolled to gain professional knowledge and month after month I felt more comfortable and ready to offer support to gifted clients. Jennifer has given me an organised path to follow which has improved my competence and also helped to make order in the cluster of information I previously gained self-studying. The unexpected surprise has been the personal journey. As the weeks went by I noticed how the new learning and the homework tasks were positively affecting my self-affirmation journey.

Patrizia - South Africa

Wholeness-Based Relating is a beautiful opportunity to integrate theoretical knowledge and practical know-how. On the one hand, it is a rewarding synthesis of strands of research I would not have combined on my own. I found this exceptionally valuable. On the other, it encourages practice and personal bravery in a way which is gentle and reassuring, and extremely helpful in doing this essential work. It is a gift, and one which I could not appreciate more.

Ben - US

I can highly recommend Jen’s Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs Workshop. It gave me important insights into how I organize my inner and outer world, and how that is qualitatively different from many other individuals. It also helped me differentiate between relational needs, such as belonging and self-transcendence, differ from more structural needs, such as cognitive, aesthetic, and self-actualization needs; yet how they are yet ever-so-exquisitely intertwined and interdependent. What Jen shared, and the handouts she provided, will help me in my exploration of this topic for months, and I suspect, years to come. I’m excited to attend the follow-up workshop to get even more awareness around this important topic.

H.N. - Belgium

Jen’s workshop on Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs was extraordinary. It was visionary. It was luminary. I personally got so much out of the material she presented. Being pressed into service so many times because of my giftedness, my needs were usually pushed to the wayside. Actually I wasn’t allowed to have them. So being able to talk about my feelings and needs really helped me with my healing and evolution. As well, meeting like minded people was enormously comforting as I didn’t feel alone but felt like I belonged and when they spoke about the same kinds of challenges it was wonderfully helpful. I would recommend this workshop to anybody who needs help saying, “You know what? I matter.” Jen has helped me with that so much. My rights matter.

Cheryl - Canada

If you’re thinking of writing a memoir or story about your life, I highly recommend participating in the Writer’s Workshop. The structure and guidance that Jen offers has been so helpful in sorting out what felt, at the beginning, like a huge and sometimes overwhelming process.  I can’t imagine tackling my writing project without the support of Jen and my writing group. For me it’s been a safe place to explore the writing process as well as a place to dig deeper into my own personal story and how I can best share it with the world.

Amy - Switzerland

Jennifer Harvey Sallin’s Gifted Psychology 101 course is the psychology short course that I never even knew I needed and wanted. As a profoundly gifted individual who was not identified till her 30s, I always thought I was intellectually challenged but now I understand that it’s all in the course design and delivery. The GP101, as it is fondly known by its students, is jam-packed with content yet taught with the meta-perspective that all gifted people crave. GP101 has been invaluable in preparing and training me as a new coach for the challenging yet amazing psychological intensities and complexities of working with gifted, twice- and multi-exceptional adults. Yet it was also highly transformative on a personal level as well, for as we all know, in order to execute one’s role as a coach well, one must also do the work on oneself and this course has definitely given me greater insight into not only my own development and processes, past and present, but also opens a window towards cultivating greater understanding and
compassion for all of humanity, in all its diversity. Thank you Jennifer!

Silver Huang - InterGifted Coach, Australia

I recommend taking the Mindfulness for Gifted People Course with Kelly. She was a fantastic tutor and was able to touch on the deeper meanings behind what I suspect ails most of us here. It was refreshing to be able to discuss the ideas and concepts in a way that fulfilled my desire to learn more, and not just cover the topics superficially. I have found that I rarely learn something new from other people, as for the most part I tend to get confirmation of existing or self-taught knowledge. However, I absolutely learned new things from Kelly which helped to uncover and connect concepts of which i was not aware!

Scott - USA

I am very new to my giftedness discovery, and have been feeling a lot of pressure to integrate all this new knowledge immediately. Jen’s Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs Workshop helped me to get a bigger picture view of the work that is entailed in learning about my giftedness, and it helped me to slow down and realize that I have time to learn about myself, my unique needs, and all the nuances of how I operate differently from the norm. I also have time to explore how to best meet my needs, and I don’t have to strive for immediate perfection. Thanks to this workshop, I feel less rushed, and more excited to be in this new process of becoming “who I am”. Thank you Jen and InterGifted!

M.L. - Sweden

Like many, I harbor that secret dream of writing a novel (or memoir in disguise). I’ve even had a title and a first page which, for years, I’ve moved from one computer to the next. And it would have stayed there, stashed away, if it weren’t for the Writers’ Workshop with Jen. See, I’m someone who needs a bit of structure, someone to tell me what to do (if only so I can rebel against it). And the Writers’ Workshop gave me that, as well as a safe space where I feel comfortable to expose my crappiest writing, and dig into the basement of old journals and fragments I’ve squirreled away through the years. What began as a hobby, a pastime, catching up with a dream deferred, is slowly but surely turning into a calling. Yes, as presumptuous as it may seem, I can see this becoming more of a life mission—if I only had the discipline. But hey, that’s what Jen is here for!

Ashraf - Switzerland

Jen’s course on time management offers an alternative perspective to managing time and energy by helping you understand your natural way of approaching each day and learning to maximize this. Her approach helps you to unlock joy and energy, leading to greater feelings of self-accomplishment and an ability to focus on the things that are important to you. If you are looking for a unique approach to managing your life, then this course is for you!

Claire - Switzerland

Taking the Mindfulness for Gifted People Course with Kelly was an absolute delight. She designed an interdisciplinary approach, from poetry, to neuroscience, to Buddhist psychology to allow us to enter step by step into this big concept that is mindfulness. Each session was accompanied by a practice, which allowed us to directly apply what we had learned conceptually on that day. Kelly was very open to discussing the topics with the participants and she even redesigned the last session to better fit our needs and to answer the questions that we had raised! She provided us with very useful tools to calm the much solicited limbic system of our gifted minds, and to reach a state of peace and compassion. It is only the beginning of the journey for me but taking this course Kelly allowed me to start! Thank you!

Cécile - USA

I just attended the Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs workshop and I am brimming with insights and new-found clarity in so many dimensions of my life. This workshop gave me such a glimpse into the many things I’ve not understood about myself and my inability to feel satisfied by “normal” life. Going through the common gifted needs together with Jen helped me to take stock of what I want tto implement in my future in order to create a “non-normal” life that nourishes me and my unique “life requirements”. Many thanks Jen!

Robyn - Australia

Jen’s Time Management course broadened my horizons and has been incredibly useful. No, Jen won’t share one-size-fit-all solutions and ready made tips to be more efficient. Her approach is much deeper: she guides you so that you learn about your needs and preferences, so that you define what is the best way for YOU to spend your time in order to maximize energy and satisfaction. It’s about shaping our life so that it fits us, vs adjusting ourselves to a given life. I wish I had learnt this as a kid… Thanks Jen!

Gabrielle - Switzerland

Among the many gifts I received from Jen’s Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs workshop was the awareness that self-actualization or self mastery is not a goal that everyone shares. I’ve spent my life in a total confusion, expecting other people to desire mastery at the level I desire it, and not understanding why they don’t take action in a way that promotes this goal in their lives. I learned from this workshop that my needs in that way (and in many other ways) are uncommon, but that there is a way for me to effectively validate what others need (or don’t need) as well as what I need, and not be constantly confused or pushing people to adhere to the same standards as me. I can fully embrace meeting my own (gifted) needs, while accepting that not everyone will share them. This has been a huge revelation for me!

Dana - USA

I joined Jen’s Writers Workshop to help me in preparation for the book I was planning to write. I had so many ideas and so many desires in writing my book that I felt confused about how to get all my thoughts in one place – and how to connect with an audience of readers that might not get how my unusual mind works. Not only has the workshop helped me focus my thoughts into a more linear format that works for my book, it has raised my self-esteem considerably. Interacting with the other (gifted) participants and peers has helped to validate my unusual mind and this, together with Jen’s impeccable guidance, has provided endless clues for how I can best express myself in my creative medium. My book is just at the half-way mark, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Jen and our group for their support.

C. - USA

I just completed the Mindfulness for Gifted People Workshop with Kelly Pryde, and it was wonderful! I found it extremely helpful to be able to discuss in depth with gifted peers and to be heard by them. It helped me to realize how important it is for me to take the time to be with and understand myself as a gifted adult. It revived dormant aspects of myself that I now know need attention, and I feel better equipped to give that attention thanks to the tools I learned from Kelly. Thank you very much for offering this important work to gifted people. It is a huge relief to have self-development opportunities that are tailored for me!

E.V. - UK

For anyone contemplating taking Kelly’s next Mindfulness Course for Gifted People – take it!! She’s an amazing leader. The content was on point, and I also really enjoyed “chatting” with other gifted individuals. It was a great way to get back into meditation and mindfulness.

Carrie - USA

Thank you so much for the Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs Workshop! The impact for me was quite profound. My impression was that meeting together and covering that material created the catalyst to anchor in a new level of acceptance around being gifted. I spent most of the time crying during that workshop as the emotional embodiment of that awareness washed over me.

Dorothy - Canada

The Gifted Psych 101 for Coaches offers an extensive and in-depth look at core components of practical psychology, highlights where and how giftedness changes the picture, and shows how it all relates to coaching. The course work also provides plenty of recommended reading for further studies on your own. My knowledge of giftedness, psychology and coaching has increased manifold – I now feel many times more competent and comfortable in my role as philosophical coach.

…And that was the professional side of things. For as it happens, during this past year of Psych 101, I seem to have undergone a complete, personal transformation. I’ve read some of the most life-transforming books I’ve ever read. The homework included some of the most important psychological work I’ve ever done – for me, personally. As friend, partner, parent. And just for how I wake up in the morning, welcome the day and what it brings, and then welcome the night when its time to sleep. I feel “upgraded”, if that makes sense. I’d do it all again, any day.

Miriam van der Valk - InterGifted Coach, Sweden

I would like to say thank you to Silver Huang for her insightful GiftedxAutistic workshop. In addition to being gifted I have a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome (autism spectrum disorder). Silver’s workshop has allowed me to distinguish between which traits are due to my giftedness and which are related to my autism and also where they overlap and the benefits that this type of twice-exceptionality can bring. I am due to start Silver’s Intrepid Integrity programme and I am very much looking forward to this and being able to reconnect to my true self after years of suppressing myself in an attempt to be “normal” and fit in with the neuromajority.

Claire - UK

It’s so great that Jen offers the one on one learning option for her Gifted Psychology 101 Course. I was able to learn the material at a pace that suited my needs with someone that has a thorough understanding of how my brain works – and it was really fun! It felt like we were able to dive deeply into the material, explore its edges, dimensions, colors, textures, and more without having to hold back. Aside from learning information that will be helpful for coaching gifted clients, it was also a personal process of growth and understanding myself. It also ended up being quite the healing experience since I had experienced so much boredom in learning environments in the past. Overall, just a really awesome experience.

Jay - USA

Gifted Psychology 101 was truly transformational! I signed up hoping to come out with a solid understanding of how the gifted mind works. I came out with this and so much more! Jen designed this course brilliantly, each module professionally and thoughtfully crafted and supplemented with recommendations of the most life-changing books and resources I’ve ever read. I am grateful that Jen adapted to my specific needs and offered a creative one-on-one learning option for me. This flexibility, combined with Jen’s compassion, knowledge and deep insight instilled in me a sense of safety, trust and freedom to express myself authentically. I was able to explore and integrate the course material at a depth, pace and level of complexity that matched my drive and learning style – so refreshing! I completed GP101 feeling more enlightened as an individual, a future coach, and as a parent. Thank you Jen!

Kelly - Canada

Jen’s Time Management course really changed things for me. The awareness I gained about how I used my time, and how that did or didn’t match up with my values and goals caused a major shift in my mindset. It went beyond simply being more productive, or working on creative pursuits, to focusing on creating a conscious construction of yourself. Feeling aligned with yourself is where the opportunity to create productivity comes in. It’s not necessarily about the goal itself, it is about about your values. I also needed someone to tell me that it’s okay to spend time dreaming. I’ve always been so ambitious, setting my life up before it is headed anywhere. When Jen emphasized the fact that I need to give myself the space to dream about the possibilities, that encouraged me to “breathe” a little more and made me even more excited to be where I am. I also thought about the people I choose to spend my time with; the time I spend alone doing things that I maybe didn’t see as productive before, but now understand their importance much more. I have changed a lot already and am excited to see where this continues to take me.

Chelsie - USA