IG Coaching Network Talk: Jennifer Harvey Sallin on Giftedness and Romantic Relationships – Recording Now Available

Giftedness & Romantic Relationships

Hosted by: Jennifer Harvey Sallin
When: December 3rd, 2015 at 6.00pm Central European Time
Find the talk handout here.

Romantic relationships can be a mix of challenging, frustrating and beautiful, regardless of whether you or your partner are gifted. But giftedness in relationships and dating adds a level of complexity to communicating, connecting and co-creating, which can be the source of even more challenges and frustrations (and potentially, beauty) than the norm. Gifted characteristics such as high sensitivity, high logical and/or emotional standards, and high idealism can cause relationships to suffer when they are not channeled well. These characteristics can also make it challenging to find partners with whom the gifted person feels free to be their authentic self.

In Jennifer’s coaching sessions, gifted clients who are in relationships ask questions about how to balance their idealism with the reality of their partner’s (and their own) character flaws. Clients who are not in relationships ask if it’s even possible for gifted people to be satisfied in relationships (because their evidence so far is to the contrary). Clients who wish they could find a partner “at their level” express their exhaustion in looking for one.

On December 3rd at 6.00pm Central European Time, Jennifer hosted the first of our IG Coaching Network Talks, in which she discussed these topics, and presented a more positive approach for gifted people in constructing and maintaining healthy romantic relationships. The talk is appropriate for anyone facing relationship issues, whether currently in a relationship or not. The principles she presents are equally be applicable to non-romantic relationships, such as parent-child, friendships, and work relationships, but these were not the main focus of our discussion. Watch the video to discover more about how to best live out your giftedness in romantic relationships, and be ready to learn a bit more about relational authenticity as a gifted person.

To learn more about Jennifer’s coaching for highly to profoundly gifted adults, see her personal website: Rediscovering Yourself.  To be coached by Jennifer, email us at coaching@intergifted.com.


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