Introduction to Giftedness Profiling, with Jennifer Harvey Sallin — starting November 28, 2022

Introduction to Giftedness Profiling, for therapists & coaches

This training course with our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin is for therapists & coaches wanting to learn how to help gifted clients better understand their experience and expression of their giftedness profile. An essential part of supporting gifted clients in their healing, self-discovery, integration and growth process is providing them accurate mirroring and information for the particularities of how their minds work and how those particularities affect their lives and relationships.

In this course, held over three months (one session per month), we will explore how you can become more knowledgeable about your clients' holistic experience and expression of their giftedness, and how you can communicate about and utilize the strengths and challenges that come with their unique giftedness profile inside the therapy/coaching relationship and beyond.

This training is based on Jennifer's holistic model of giftedness, as well as her work providing qualitative giftedness assessments and coaching for gifted clients for the last decade. It is especially fitting for coaches and therapists who have already had an InterGifted assessment, have participated in Jennifer’s Gifted Psychology 101 training courses, and/or have had other training/mentoring via InterGifted. These are not course requirements, but are helpful preparations when possible. See what other participants have said about their experience in this training course here.

Session Details

The training will take place in three 3-hour training sessions over three months. We will have our first session on November 28, 2022 from 2.00-5.00pm CET, and will choose the second and third session dates and times according to participant availability. All three sessions require some preparation work (2-3 hours per session).
The sessions will combine teaching on the theoretical underpinnings of giftedness profiling, group discussion and Q+A, and small group case study profiling.

Cost & Registration 

The total cost of this training is 850 CHF. If you’re interested in participating in this training, email Jennifer at with background information about your therapy or coaching practice, your experience with giftedness, and how you’d like to use knowledge about giftedness profiling in your practice.

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