Giftedness Profiling Training, with Jennifer Harvey Sallin – starting March 25, 2021

Giftedness Profiling Training

This training with our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin is for therapists & coaches wanting to learn how to help gifted clients better understand their giftedness profile – including giftedness level, areas of intelligence, overexcitabilities, twice-exceptionalities, intersectionalities/trauma/other blocks to giftedness expression & thriving.

An essential part of supporting gifted people in their healing, self-discovery, integration and growth process is providing them accurate mirroring and information for the particularities of how their minds work and how those particularities affect their lives and relationships. Without having a solid grasp on giftedness profiles, it can be very difficult for us as helping professionals to provide the fully differentiated mirroring and gifted-specific information our clients need.

Assessments are often an essential step for legitimizing individual needs for thriving. It’s a bit like helping your clients find the “owner’s manual” for their unique gifted brain. Though the aim of this training is not to qualify you or certify you to become a giftedness assessor, it will provide you with basic knowledge of gifted profiling which you can use as a tool in your gifted therapy or coaching practice. You can have a look on our assessments page to get an idea of the scope and style of assessments Jennifer and the assessors she trains provide.

This training is especially fitting for coaches and therapists who have already gone through an InterGifted assessment, Jennifer’s Gifted Psychology 101 course, or other training/mentoring via InterGifted.

Session Details

The training will take place in 3 training sessions on Zoom of 3.5 hours each – once a month for three months, starting March 25, 2021 (date & time of sessions two and three determined together with participants). All three sessions require case study preparation work.
The first session of our training is focused on the theoretical underpinnings of giftedness profiling, mainly: giftedness levels, overexcitabilities, additional exceptionalities, and other intersectionalities in a person’s profile. In our small group discussion time, facilitated by Jennifer’s fellow InterGifted assessors, you will present what you know or estimate about your own giftedness profile. If you’ve already been assessed by Jennifer or one of our other InterGifted assessors, you’ll be able to share what you learned and how you’ve integrated that knowledge, as well as inquire about questions you still have about your profile.
The second session is focused on deepening your understanding of the theoretical material covered in the first session, and learning how to facilitate and frame gifted profiling conversations with your clients in the scope of your practice. You will be welcome to prepare follow-up questions that were not covered in session one. In our small group discussion time, you present a favorite gifted author, thinker, or creator and discussing their profile.
The third session is focused on case studies from clients you’ve worked with or are working with. You will be required to prepare your case study/studies ahead of time (and we keep them confidential by changing all identifying information). We will discuss these case studies together in the group, to be able to develop intuition about profile reading and to be able to view a wide range of possible profiles.
This will complete the basic training sessions. For participants who have interest in going deeper into giftedness profiling, Jennifer may offer an additional session or series of sessions tailored to your purposes, goals and learning needs. This will be determined together at that time.

Cost & Registration 

The total cost of this training is 750 CHF. If you’re interested in participating in this training, email Jennifer at with background information about your therapy or coaching practice, your experience with giftedness, and how you’d like to use knowledge about giftedness profiling in your practice.

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