GiftedxAutistic: What’s It Like? – A Workshop with Silver Huang

GiftedxAutistic: What's It Like?

with Silver Huang, Founder of Intrepid Integrity

This is a casual and intimate online 2-hour workshop on being simultaneously gifted and autistic. Several years ago, Silver was identified as profoundly gifted and diagnosed as autistic, and has been studying twice-exceptionality ever since. Silver's gift of poetic and exact articulation about her experiences and the nuances of twice-exceptionality, giftedness, profound giftedness, autism, mental health issues, and creativity are stunning and inspiring. In this workshop, Silver will be sharing her personal experience of being profoundly gifted and severely autistic and answering your questions about what it's like to be this version of twice-exceptional. Specifically, she will be sharing and discussing:

• A brief timeline of her life before and after autism diagnosis and gifted identification.
• A brief introduction into autism, giftedness and how the different traits appear to blend in her experience, for example high sensitivity (HSP) and sensory sensitivity (SPD).
• How her autism impacts her physical health and ability to self-care on a daily basis.
• How giftedness and autism impact social communication and interaction with others.
• A brief discussion into diagnosis: Yay or nay? Costs and benefits either way.

Her perspectives are based entirely on personal experience and not meant as professional medical or psychological opinion or advice. However, attendees will benefit from the open discussion and tips and resources she will have to give. If you're gifted and autistic, or suspect you or your children might be - or if you're just curious - this could be a great introduction into the topic. Each session will be limited to 6 participants.

To join:

Cost: 25 USD per person.

Dates: to be chosen based on the availability of the participants

Please leave your name and email address here and Silver be in touch with you shortly to confirm dates and times.

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