GiftedxAutistic – Workshop with Silver Huang coming in February

Our next offering of Silver Huang's online workshop is here: GiftedxAutistic! It will take place on February 22nd from 16.30-18.30 Central European Time.

This upcoming workshop will be focused on the “female autistic profile”. What is the "female autistic profile"? Research has shown that there is a distinct difference in how autism traits are expressed and experienced between biological males and females. Unfortunately, a trend towards male bias in autism research over the past half a century created a persistent misconception that autism is less prevalent in females, with many web sites stating a male to female ratio of anywhere between 2:1 to 16:1. However, recent research is discovering that it is not so much that females are less likely to be autistic, rather that females are more able to mask the expression of certain autistic traits, yet still experiencing the same disabling impacts as males. This is further complicated by giftedness and the unique constellation of traits that giftedness presents.

Hence this workshop is dedicated to helping gifted female adults who:

• Have wondered if or suspect that they are possibly autistic; or
• Have an autism diagnosis;

And would like to find out more about:

• How being a giftedxautistic female looks and feels like; and
• How to create a happy and healthy life as a giftedxautistic female.

The workshop will be covering the following topics towards this end:

• A brief overview of autism as defined by the DSM-5.
• Key differences between male and female autism expression and experience.
• Identity challenges and authenticity strategies.
• Socio-relational challenges and strategies.
• Self-regulation challenges and self-care strategies.
• Diagnosis and therapy considerations.

Logistical information:

• When: February 22nd from 16.30-18.30 Central European Time
• Duration/Location: 2 hours,
• Cost: CHF 50.00 made payable to InterGifted
• Participant limit: 9

How to join:

• Make payment to InterGifted here and email Silver so that receipt of your payment can be confirmed.

If you know any female gifted peers who may have indicated an interest or a curiosity in being possibly autistic, please share our workshop with them.

About Silver Huang

Silver is a coach and mentor with InterGifted who works with gifted and twice-exceptional adults to support them on their journey toward authenticity. She is also the founder of Intrepid Integrity, a partner project of InterGifted, which is aimed at helping gifted adults express themselves authentically through creative means in community. Learn more about her own journey to authenticity in her recent article on our InterGifted blog: Giftedness & Authenticity.

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