Gifts for an Emerging World — A New Community Writing & Art Project

We’re excited to announce our newest InterGifted community writing and art compilation project. This, our fourth compilation, will explore our deep connection to the Earth, the ways we grieve and grapple with how humanity is severing that connection, how we dream and sense an emerging healed world, and how with our many gifts we may help birth that emerging future.

Our InterGifted creative writing coach Jan Provoost will be leading this project, with the support of our dedicated editing team including Karin Eglinton and Jennifer Harvey Sallin. To learn more about our compilations, you can find our first three community ebooks at our bookshop.

We warmly invite each of you to write or make art for this compilation. It may be a poem, an autobiographical note, a short story, a dream, nonfiction, a drawing, a picture, or a QR-code to a piece of music or video you have composed or created. As this project is celebrating deep and healing connections, we also encourage you to connect with fellow InterGifted peers that you’ve come to know via our community and to co-create an entry for this compilation.

One way to let yourselves be inspired is to see this though the lens of your gifts, the superpowers that you bring to bear in this moment. This can be in building mindfulness and awareness, in direct activism, in your personal lifestyle and inner life, in the way you may be supporting others… Maybe some of you have felt that the current crisis is what you had been waiting for all along. That your gifts were unseen, hidden in the old normal. But now that the old normal takes a step back, you get the chance to shine your light through the cracks. This is your chance to share and give us a glimpse of that light.

Please email Jan to let him know you’d like to participate and what kind of contribution you plan to submit (writing, artwork, etc). Contributions will be due by August 31st at the latest. If you have questions, you can reach out to Jan directly. We’re looking forward to all of your contributions and to the powerful process of this creative project in community!

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