I Heart Earth: Our New Climate Emergency Response Partner Initiative


I Heart Earth is a new global initiative that emerged out of the current climate crisis and our leadership's and community's commitment to lending our voices and resources to the restoration of the Earth. There are gifted-specific and non gifted-specific components to this project - our gifted-specific events will be held within the InterGifted community space; our non gifted-specific events will be held at our page I Heart Earth. This initiative is led by InterGifted's founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin and InterGifted's community leader and coach Karin Eglinton. Join us for discussions, literature, events, meditations and a collective cultivation of compassion, gratitude, healing, solidarity, and commitment in the face of this emergency. Learn more about us at I Heart Earth and read Jen's personal story of healing from ecological grief, trauma and fear, through compassion and commitment: Climate Emergency & Finding My Unique Gifted Contribution.

Part of our initiative includes helping gifted and non-gifted people alike in finding the right professional support (therapy, coaching or mentoring) to help them through states of grief, trauma, fear and paralysis related to the climate crisis. Learn more and reach out for support here.

You can follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Please help us spread the word!

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