I Heart Earth: A Climate Psychology & Activism Project


I Heart Earth is a new initiative that emerged out of the current climate crisis and our leadership's and community's commitment to using gifts and resources for meaningful climate engagement. There are gifted-specific and non gifted-specific components to this project - our gifted-specific events will be held within the InterGifted community space; our non gifted-specific events are held at our Facebook page I Heart Earth and on our Youtube Channel.

This initiative is led by InterGifted's founding director, psychologist and activist Jennifer Harvey Sallin. Join us for talks and resources on climate psychology and activism, and for meditations, solidarity and community. You can read Jennifer's personal story of finding her way toward climate engagement and activism here: Ecological Grief, Compassion & Action.

You can also read our first 12 meditations here: 12 Meditations for the Earth.

You can listen to our Climate Engagement Talks series, with climate coaches, authors, and activists at our Youtube Channel.

Join us, follow us & help us spread the word!

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