InterGifted’s Writing Month: September!



Come join us for IG’s Writing Month!

It is an all-month event that aims to give ALL our members a public voice about our gifted self-discovery journey, no matter where we are at in our process of discovering, struggling with and embracing our gifted selves.

This is a group project – a fun and meaningful way for us all to work together, all at once, as a global community! To encourage our own self-expression and to bless the lives of other gifted people around the world with our words. There are a number of ways you can participate, and we provide the platform for you to find other members who are writing, find writing peers, offer to edit each others’ work, exchange ideas, co-create entries, ask for help, and learn about offers of support from our leaders and members during the month: such as the free “channeling imposter syndrome” group session Jen is giving mid-month for all our contributors!

Learn more about the details in the Project Invitation document and work together with us on the events page in our secret Facebook group (sign up below to join our FB group).

Looking forward to writing together with you! ♥

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