What should I do if I have problems with my Facebook group invite?

Facebook requires us to send your invite to the email address you used to sign up for your Facebook account. Once we receive your payment and a note with the correct email address, we send you an email invite directly from Facebook within two days; make sure you check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox. If you were unable or forgot to include the correct email address when you paid, send us an email to request that we resend the invite to your correct email address. If you still have trouble with your invite, just email us and we'll be happy to help you out!

Why do you meet on Facebook? Is there another way to connect to your community?

Given the innovative nature of what we're doing and our limited time and resources, we've chosen the easiest solution for our community platform (for now), while keeping in mind that Facebook is a contested and sometimes outright problematic platform. We encourage our members to be very mindful about how they engage with our community, and many members describe our group as "one of a kind", a "haven" or an "island" in contrast to what they typically find in social media groups. We work hard to structure and moderate our group so that it is a high-quality discussion, meeting and connection space, without the downsides of typical social media groups (i.e. anonymity-driven anti-social behaviors, displaying/bragging, surface-level and meme-type interactions).

We operate on a digital minimalism mindset, in terms of encouraging our members to use and participate in the group in a way that builds them up, matches their values, and keeps their use of social media in the conscious and proactive (rather than automatic and reactive) range. For more on this, we strongly recommend our members or prospective members read the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport. For assistance on how to use our groups in conscious ways, we have coaches in our network who can help you create your own Philosophy of Technology Use which matches your particular values and gifted needs.

If you prefer to completely avoid Facebook but still long to connect with your gifted peers, we encourage you to join one of our workshops or courses or engage directly in coaching with one of our network coaches. Learn more about that option on our coaching page and email us to explore the possibility.

What are the rules for posting and interacting in the group?

Our members are very welcome to post questions and requests for personal or professional connection, feedback, advice or encouragement from other members. We engage in constructive discussion about all things related to living well and thriving with giftedness. That ranges from discussing challenging situations to relevant resources to creative explorations. Members of our group often private message each other and develop relationships outside of the main Facebook group - including arranging one-to-one or group audio or video chats and even in-person meetings. Many of our members also connect in our various special interest peer groups.

To keep our discussions high-quality and keep with our mindful interaction guidelines, we ask that members avoid posting memes, closed personal statements (such as "my situation is hopeless and no one will ever be able to understand me"), and that no one person posts more than twice a week. Our moderators remove posts of this nature. Hate speech, aggression, attack or any such destructive behavior is not tolerated and we remove members who engage in this type of behavior. There is a more comprehensive list of group guidelines in the Facebook group.

Can I share my blog posts on giftedness, or other non-InterGifted events or groups I'm hosting?

Yes, keeping in mind that is a supportive community, and not an advertising platform. A good rule of thumb is to share if you are sharing to be helpful to our community, to start a meaningful discussion, or to get useful feedback from other members; and to not share if you are trying to market or sell something.

How can I find discussions on specific topics or find out more about specific members within the group?

If you want to find out if we've discussed a particular topic or connect with a certain kind of person within the group, there is a search function for that in the groups page. If you want to find other musicians in the group, for example, type "musician" into the search bar, and all the posts with that word will come up with the word "musician" highlighted for you. Or if you want to see what a certain member has posted or commented, type that member's name into the search bar, and you will see all of their posts and comments with their name highlighted. This function is extremely helpful for efficiently sorting through the many posts on the wall, especially if you are a new member. Use this function to help yourself connect to others who share your interests and connection needs.

I have a gifted friend that would really benefit from and enjoy being part of InterGifted's Facebook group. Can I invite him/her/them?

Yes, you can send your friend to this page, so that they can make their payment and receive an invitation from us. Or if you'd like to offer membership as a gift, you can send us the payment and list your friend's email in the payment notes. We'll send the invite right away. Just be sure they want to join before signing them up!

How can I best benefit from the Facebook group community?

First, introduce yourself and let the community know where you're at on your giftedness (discovery) journey, what kind of connection you're hoping to find, what kind of support you'd like to get and give, and any other special requests you might have. Then, join in our other members' discussions, learn about them, and actively reach out to connect to members you feel you'd like to get to know better.

Contact us any time for additional questions.