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InterGifted's partner project Intrepid Integrity, a 12-week authenticity incubator program created by our coach and collaborator Silver Huang, will be launching its second round on November 5th. There are 12 spots available, and we warmly invite our members to join! This program is designed for gifted adults who struggle with being and expressing who they are from an inherent source of self-security and self-authority. Members join a private community and platform, in which they receive weekly guidance modules and direct mentoring from Silver via the forum and group coaching calls, all designed around self-understanding and self-liberation in community. The first round was a wild success, read what some of the participants said about their experience:
"Silver’s raw integrity and authenticity are infectious and inspired me to dig deep and work with my complex thoughts and ideas in ways I had never done before. This process along with the mirroring from Silver and the support from my fellow like-minded pioneers has made all the difference, enabling me to tap into a new level of creativity - one that is allowing for the rebirth of a new business and direction in my life that is authentic, aligned, and means so very much to me."
"Silver does an incredible job meeting you where you’re at. She embraces your unique way of being and provides a depth of encouragement however you’ve gotten to where you are. In addition, she’ll help you think aloud about some of the most relevant issues you’ve never attempted to address."
"Intrepid Integrity enabled me to put words to my needs and experiences, gave a voice to my aspirations for the future, and helped me progress through my giftedness journey. Silver always had the right words at the right times. The interactions with other people in the same situation - adults diagnosed as gifted after a life of ups and downs - was also of profound value. I recommend this program to any person who seeks to more effectively navigate the intricacies and pitfalls of the gifted adult experience."
Silver is a profoundly gifted facilitator, and the model she created can be life-changing. Since participating in the pioneering session, I am feeling more at peace and more hopeful moving forward than I ever could have imagined.


"Many of us gifted here are creatives at heart and I’m sure many of you many agree that creator and creation often blend inexplicably into one. Where one breathes, the other exhales. Such it is with Intrepid Integrity. I see integrity as an internal experience, and authenticity as the external expression - two halves of the same whole of being. Authenticity is how we choose to express our experience of integrity within. Integrity starts with Self. It is how you choose to see your life, create your life, be in your life. In all domains, from personal to professional, private to public. It is about understanding, accepting and honouring yourself as a whole person, honestly, dynamically, courageously, diligently, joyfully. No good, no bad, but a kaleidescope of humanness and perfect imperfection, always learning, failing, changing, growing, on all levels right down to the deepest, unseen by all but yourself and understood by few, with the exception of those who would walk their own paths alongside you, similarly dedicated and courageous peers."


In celebration of and preparation for the November launch, Silver invites you all to join her over the next four months for live Facebook Q&As, where she will be taking your questions and facilitating an open discussion about your experiences and challenges with integrity and authenticity as gifted and twice- or multi-exceptional adults.
Go to Intrepid Integrity's Facebook Page for dates and details. You'll be able to join the calls via this page.
Learn more about the program on her website: 

And email Silver for any additional questions: 

About Silver Huang

Silver is an InterGifted coach and mentor who works with gifted and twice-exceptional adults to support them on their journey toward authenticity. She is also the founder of Intrepid Integrity, a partner project of InterGifted, which is aimed at helping gifted adults express themselves authentically through creative means in community. Learn more about her own journey to authenticity in her recent article on our InterGifted blog: Giftedness & Authenticity.

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