Join InterGifted’s New Partner Project – Intrepid Integrity – Starting December 18th!



InterGifted's New Partner Project


Here at InterGifted, we are excited to announce our new partner project Intrepid Integrity!

Created by InterGifted member & soon-to-be mentor, Silver Huang, Intrepid Integrity is an "authenticity incubator" for gifted people.


Authenticity Incubator?

Yes! It's a 12-week program which allows you as a gifted person to embark upon a guided exploration of what being authentic means to you. How is that done? Through a combination of learning and experimenting through creative means. 

In the program, Silver guides you via learning modules on how to access your authentic expression, and her platform will give you the ability to experiment with and express your authenticity by creating and publishing authentic content to share with your closed Intrepid Integrity group of 11 other participants + Silver.


What kind of content?

You can use a creative medium of your choice—text, graphic, audio or video—to explore, experiment with and practice expressing who you are. The objective is to be boldly honest. You get to explore your own unique expression, how your giftedness manifests itself, and the more vulnerable sides of yourself you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing yet outside of a closed, safe group of gifted peers.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you are expected to feel clearer about who you are, what you want to share with the world, and how you want to share it!

How much time is required to participate?
You are expected to publish 3 days a week (15-30 minutes each time) for 12 weeks. Reflecting takes an additional 30 minutes each week. This is the bare minimum, but most members will want to invest more time, as they can.
What else is involved?
The forum, in which you get to ask questions, discuss and resolve blocks to expression, and benefit from the mirroring that you see in your gifted peers, as they bravely express their own authentic inner world and share it with you and the others. Of course, you'll benefit from Silver's guidance there too, as she interacts with and encourages you and the group, responds to group and individual questions, and offers group coaching calls to help you get through authenticity blocks.


The pre-launch trial begins on December 18th!

To sign up, email Silver at

The cost is 275 USD per person (half off the full launch price).

For more program information & FAQ's, click here or email Silver for additional questions: 

When is the official launch? March 2018! Stay tuned by following Silver on  


About Silver Huang

Silver is a mentor who works with gifted and twice-exceptional adults to support them on their journey toward authenticity. She is also the founder of Intrepid Integrity, a partner project of InterGifted, which is aimed at helping gifted adults express themselves authentically through creative means in community. Learn more about her own journey to authenticity in her recent article on our InterGifted blog: Giftedness & Authenticity.

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