Introducing Esther Goldinger — Our Gifted Trauma, Energy & Body Therapist

Introducing Esther Goldinger
Last year, we started a partnership with Esther Goldinger, an online gifted energy and body trauma therapist. Now that Esther has taken the step to devote her energies full-time to her practice, we are happy to introduce her formally and invite you to connect with her for online sessions (in English or German).
Esther’s therapy is based in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as well as on the Polyvagal Theory of Steven Porges and Somatic Experiencing from Peter A. Levine. All these methods are focused on nervous system regulation and trauma releasing, and in addition, Esther extends these methods to work specifically on gifted traumas. She also considers different energies which influence the client’s system, such as spiritual aspects of being, parts of the inner child or toxic energies in the field; and offers coaching on how to cope with internal and external energies in a proper and safe way.
For gifted people wanting to confidently walk their path and use their gifts, it takes groundedness, safety, and an ability to embrace the challenges and opportunities that arise. It also takes awareness of and nourishing connection with our bodies and spiritual or energetic selves. Esther is a therapist who knows how to guide us in rediscovering our holistic sense of safety, in healing wounds we have incurred on our path, in overcoming trauma reactions blocking us from alignment with our truth, and in embracing our own multi-dimensional gifts.
Esther’s clients describe her support as essential, indispensable, profound, insightful, intuitive, and transformational. As a gifted adult herself, Esther understands the unique needs and complex healing paths of gifted adults, and knows how to facilitate powerful personal evolution for the gifted mind, body and spirit. We are grateful to be able to partner with her to bring her important work our gifted peers ready to confidently embrace their unique path.
To learn more
  • You can learn more about Esther and her work at her site:
  • Go here to schedule an online session.
  • And see what other gifted clients have said about their healing path in working with Esther here.

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