Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs Workshop, Expanded Version with Karin Eglinton – coming October 29

About our Workshop

Our Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs workshop is coming up in October or November (date tbd), and we’ve expanded the format to include more group participation exercises and small group discussion. This workshop is for gifted adults who are actively working on their self-development and are ready to learn how to recognize, validate and care for their gifted-specific needs. It will be facilitated by our coach and leader Karin Eglinton.

Inside the workshop, we’ll look at different models of essential human needs, and specifically use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a framework to walk through every area of our lives, to name and define the gifted-specific needs that arise from each tier (survival, belonging, self-esteem, aesthetic and cognitive needs, self-actualization and self-transcendence).

The concept of gifted needs as “a thing” is sometimes surprising for people who are newer to their giftedness, and most of us have never been guided in a process of mindfully and skillfully taking inventory of our gifted-specific needs in the various areas of human needs (listed above), nor learning how to meet them in a world designed by and for the neuromajority.

The skill of gifted needs identification and fulfillment is an essential skill that every gifted adult (and child for that matter!) deserves to have in their repertoire of life skills. If you’re at the point in your development where you feel ready to explore this topic with an open mind, self-compassionate heart, and generous action-orientation, my workshop would be a good fit for you.

If you’re still struggling with feelings of gifted denial, anger, self-doubt or other emotional blocks to your self-development, you may need to seek other more attuned support before joining this workshop. If that’s the case, Karin Eglinton can help you find an appropriate gifted-specific therapist via our therapy search service. If you’re not sure if you’re ready for the workshop, you can write to Karin Eglinton at karin@intergifted.com and she will help you determine what the best next step is for you.

Our workshop will include instruction, small group exercises, breakout discussions, Q+A discussion, and lots of resources and practices to explore and implement in your daily life following the workshop. We have often scheduled follow up workshops with our gifted needs groups, and that is an option we can explore together.

Cost & Registration

The workshop will be 3.5 hrs on zoom, with breaks and lots of group participation. Cost is 200 CHF. We will meet on October 29 at 6.30pm CEST. If you’d like to register, please email Karin Eglinton at karin@intergifted.com.


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