Welcoming Luzi Yang to our Assessments Team

Welcome Luzi Yang

We're excited to welcome Luzi Yang to our InterGifted assessment team! Luzi is now offering giftedness assessments with us, and during her practicum period, you can be assessed by her at a reduced rate.
Here's more about Luzi in her own words:
"I am drawn to be a co-discoverer of the complex unique system that is another gifted person’s mind. My primary emotional motivation in life is to arrive at a neutral and compassionate understanding of the spectrum of the human world and the non-human world. Intellectually, I tend towards systematic thinking and enjoy applying it to both logical and creative processes. Perceptually, I have a heightened sensibility towards minor fluctuations in patterns, making assessing profiles a natural expression of my curiosities and focus of my perception.
Originally from China, I studied philosophy and literary analysis at university, then studied filmmaking in graduate school. I created time-based art, both visual and interactive, to communicate my thoughts and to connect with a wide variety of people; and I taught experimental art at the university level. Most recently, I have dedicated my education to the field of giftedness, studying gifted-specific psychology, coaching and assessing techniques and practice via InterGifted. I now live and work in the US, offering giftedness assessments via InterGifted."
To learn more about Luzi and about our assessments, and to schedule an assessment with us, visit our assessments page.

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