Our new ebook is here! Making the Invisible Visible

About Making the Invisible Visible

What happens when invisible disability, such as chronic illness or twice- or multi-exceptionalities, is added to a gifted person's life? Many gifted people live this experience every day, but there is little available literature exploring and validating what it's like to simultaneously live with the high ability of giftedness and challenges of navigating disabilities which are not immediately visible to the outside world. Making the Invisible Visible was our community's way of opening up a dialog about and raising public awareness about this issue; as well as providing mirroring, validation and comfort to our many gifted, invisibly disabled peers. It takes the reader on a journey through the stories and worlds of some of InterGifted's invisibly disabled community members through their words and their artworks. They share with us a moving, honest and hopeful view of what it's like and how they navigate the complex challenges of life at this intersection.

Compiled and edited by Karin Eglinton & Jennifer Harvey Sallin. Includes 16 contributors and and 20 entries. 81 pages in PDF format.

Available at our Bookshop.

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