Jen is founder and director of InterGifted. She is a psychologist, coach and mentor, trainer, and writer whose work is dedicated to raising awareness about giftedness in adulthood and meaningfully supporting gifted people in their personal and social development. She has specialized in supporting gifted adults for the last decade, and in 2015, she created InterGifted as a gifted social experiment to allow gifted people to socially engage in meaningful ways and to personally develop in community. Learn more about why Jen started InterGifted here.

Along with the operational side of running InterGifted, she spends a lot of her time training professionals, such as psychologists and coaches, to support gifted clients, and cultivating the work of InterGifted's network of coaches and mentors. She mentors gifted coaches, performs giftedness assessments, and still makes a little space when she can to coach and mentor highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted adults on their self-development journey. Jen is particularly passionate about partnering with and supporting gifted people on the path to self-actualization, and you can read more about that here.

She's working on a few books on giftedness now, and writes for InterGifted's blog and her own Rediscovering Yourself blog. Jen wants to help gifted people understand how their unique minds work, so that they can create meaningful relationships, work, and self-compassion. She's had to work hard in her own life to create these things for herself, and knows how much support it takes. Read a bit about her personal gifted journey here.

Want to connect with Jen? Consider traininghaving an assessment, coaching or mentoring, or joining our InterGifted support community or Jen's Highly, Exceptionally & Profoundly Gifted peer group. Reach out anytime to explore the options. For a more complete bio, visit her coaching page at Rediscovering Yourself.




Jen is supported by a team of people who help keep the InterGifted experiment alive and evolving.

  • Her husband Aurélien is involved in the strategic planning, awareness raising, community management, and coaching network aspects of InterGifted.
  • Her collaborator Jay Manya coordinates coaching, assessment and mentoring requests and helps Jen do research and manage our community.
  • Seán O'Connell of WPStrands generously offers InterGifted website maintenance (check out his work!).
  • And many other people volunteer to lead our peer groups and otherwise support Jen and our growing community.

If you'd like to contribute your time, talent, skills or funding, let us know!