Founding Director



As a psychologist, trainer, assessor, writer and advocate, Jen is dedicated to raising awareness about adult giftedness and twice-/multi-exceptionality (2e/me) and meaningfully supporting gifted/2e/me people in their personal and social development. She has specialized in supporting gifted adults for the last decade, and in 2015, she created InterGifted to allow gifted people to socially engage in meaningful ways and to personally develop in community. She is based in Switzerland and supports gifted people throughout the world. Learn more about why Jen started InterGifted here.

Jen has developed a model of giftedness that is particularly useful for gifted adults in their giftedness (re)discovery, integration and personal and professional development. This model is holistic, starting with intellectual giftedness as a base, and factoring in other areas of intelligence as well as other concurrent neurodivergences and intersectionalities to create a full picture of each person's giftedness profile. She uses this model in providing qualitative assessments to gifted adults, as well as in training professional therapists, coaches and other helping professionals to better support their gifted clients.

Jen wants to help gifted and 2e/me people understand how their unique minds work, so that they can have joyful and self-compassionate access to their own intellectual process, and so that they can live and contribute generatively in our changing world. She's worked her own way through this process as well -- you can read a bit about her personal gifted journey here and for a more complete bio, visit her personal page at Rediscovering Yourself.

To read more from Jen, visit InterGifted's blog and her own Rediscovering Yourself blog. In addition to her work on giftedness, Jen has taken a leadership role in conscious climate engagement and ecological reconnection. You can learn more & get involved at I Heart Earth.




InterGifted is supported by a team of people who help keep our gifted ecosystem alive and evolving.

  • Jennifer's husband Aurélien Sallin is involved in the strategic planning, awareness raising, community management, and coaching network aspects of InterGifted; he also offers academic mentoring & philosophical coaching.
  • Kelly Pryde leads & teaches via our Gifted Mindfulness Collective community.
  • Jan Provoost leads community initiatives; he also teaches & coaches gifted writers.
  • Fabienne Wydler leads our gifted parents group; she also offers assessments, giftedness integration and coaching, and neurodivergent self-development groups.
  • Seán O'Connell of WordPress for Good generously offers InterGifted website maintenance. His company is dedicated to providing web maintenance & tech support ethical entrepreneurs who are doing positive work in the world.
  • And many community members & coaches volunteer in various ways to support our organization and our community.