Jen is InterGifted's founding director. She is a psychologist, coach and mentor, trainer, and writer dedicated to raising awareness about giftedness in adulthood and meaningfully supporting gifted people in their personal and social development. She has specialized in supporting gifted adults for the last decade, and in 2015, she created InterGifted as a gifted social experiment to allow gifted people to socially engage in meaningful ways and to personally develop in community. Learn more about why Jen started InterGifted here.

Along with the operational side of running InterGifted, she spends her time training, mentoring & supervising professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists and coaches, to support gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional clients; performing giftedness assessments; and cultivating the work of our network of coaches and mentors, our community spaces and events, and the development of our partner projects

She's working on a few books on giftedness now, and writes for InterGifted's blog and her own Rediscovering Yourself blog. Jen wants to help gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional people understand how their unique minds work, so that they can create meaningful relationships, work, and self-compassion. She's had to work hard in her own life to create these things for herself, and knows how much support it takes. Read a bit about her personal gifted journey here. For a more complete bio, visit her coaching page at Rediscovering Yourself.

Aside from her work with gifted people, together with Karin Eglinton, Jen is working on a global initiative to help us connect and support each other through compassion and determined action in response to the climate emergency. Learn more and join them at I Heart Earth.


Karin Eglinton is a coach, mentor and teacher for gifted adults and adolescents. As part of InterGifted's leadership, she fills a mosaic of functions: she administrates our InterGifted community and our HEPG group, contributes to community and initiative development, teaches workshops and courses, assists our coaching and mentoring clients in creating a roadmap for their personal development journey, and supports individual clients in coaching and mentoring.
Karin has been in the personal development field, working with neurodiverse populations and serving in leadership roles for most of her adult life. In addition to being formally trained in the visual arts and spiritual development, she has gone through extensive training with Jennifer Harvey Sallin to specialize in coaching, mentoring, giftedness and gifted psychology. She has devoted many years of her life exploring relational psychology, attachment, trauma healing (especially somatic approaches), how connecting with nature supports a healthy and meaningful life, and now applies those insights to gifted-specific personal development. You can learn more about some of her work on relationships here and her work on gifted trauma healing here.
Her goal is to support her gifted peers in the world in understanding and cultivating their “gifted ecosystem”; in other words, maturely cultivating life-systems that encourage full integration of their giftedness and twice-/multi-exceptionality. To explore working with Karin in coaching or mentoring, email her at
See above for information on Karin's work with Jen on supporting the cultivation of compassion and action for the Earth in the current climate crisis.


Jay Sloth Ezzy is InterGifted’s resource coordinator for our coaching, mentoring, assessments, and therapy search & advocacy services. They also support Jen in the day-to-day operations of InterGifted, and Karin as moderator of our adult peer community.
Jay began offering peer to peer mental health support at age 17, trained in psychology, and now support their gifted peers in finding gifted-friendly and knowledgeable mental health support. They are passionate about helping gifted people find genuinely attuned support in a system that is not designed for neurodiverse individuals - this includes navigating hospitalization, advocating for gifted-specific support, and avoiding and recovering from misdiagnosis and/or psychiatric abuse. They are currently in training with Jen to become a gifted-specific coach & mentor and aim to provide support for gifted people seeking to thrive in their gender exploration and expression, and healthy sexuality.
Jay also supports Jen's and Karin's I Heart Earth initiative by offering therapy and coaching searches for people processing climate grief and wanting to make a positive difference for the planet. Learn more about that here.
To reach out to Jay for gifted therapy search and advocacy, or to explore coaching, mentoring, assessments or other InterGifted services, email


InterGIfted is supported by a team of people who help keep gifted social experiment alive and evolving.

  • Jen's husband Aurélien is involved in the strategic planning, awareness raising, community management, and coaching network aspects of InterGifted.
  • InterGifted coach Merlin Györy assists Karin and Jay in the leadership and moderating of the InterGifted community. You can learn more about Merlin here.
  • Seán O'Connell of WordPress for Good generously offers InterGifted website maintenance. WordPress for Good is dedicated to supporting companies that are doing good work in the world. If you're an ethical entrepreneur, we highly recommend working with Seán.
  • And many other people volunteer to lead our peer groups and otherwise support InterGifted and our growing community.

If you'd like to contribute your time, talent, skills or funding, let us know!