Mindfulness for Gifted People – An Online Course with Kelly Pryde – Starting January 26th

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Kelly Pryde is now scheduling our second offering of this wonderful 4-session online course! This course gives you gifted-specific support to help you build the foundation for developing a personal practice of mindfulness, as well as provide you the tools to better handle your overexcitabilities, non-stop mind, and difficult emotions such as shame, anger, and anxiety. It will help you cultivate a new relationship with yourself based on kindness and compassion rather than judgment and criticism. Think of it as “Gifted Self-Care 2.0”!


Here is what the course looks like:

  • 4 weeks (four 90-min sessions) online
  • topic discussions, experiential exercises, the neuropsychology of mindfulness (i.e., how mindfulness re-wires the brain), and a variety of mindfulness practices
  • home-based practices, along with personalized coaching + support between sessions
  • previous mindfulness meditation experience is NOT required
  • The course costs 200 Swiss Francs total 


Starting date is Friday, January 26th, from 6:30pm to 8pm Central European Time; the following three course sessions take place at the same time on the three consecutive Fridays. Sessions take place via zoom.us.


Email us to register!



Here's what a few of our previous participants have said about the course:


"...It helped me to realize how important it is for me to take the time to be with and understand myself as a gifted adult..."


"...It revived dormant aspects of myself that I now know need attention, and I feel better equipped to give that attention thanks to the tools I learned from Kelly..."


"...It is a huge relief to have self-development opportunities that are tailored for me!..."


"...Kelly is an amazing leader. The content was on point, and I also really enjoyed chatting with other gifted individuals. It was a great way to get back into meditation and mindfulness..."


"...Kelly was a fantastic tutor and was able to touch on the deeper meanings behind what I suspect ails most of us gifted people. It was refreshing to be able to discuss the ideas and concepts in a way that fulfilled my desire to learn more, and not just cover the topics superficially..."


"...I have found that I rarely learn something new from other people. However, I absolutely learned new things from Kelly which helped to uncover and connect concepts of which I was not aware!..."

About Kelly Pryde, Ph.D.

Kelly is a psychologist, parenting coach, and author who coaches creative, intense, and divergent thinkers and their families. She lives in Canada and coaches parents and kids all over the world who want their neurodiverse families to thrive together. She has devoted many years to developing a mindfulness practice, and is excited to help gifted people find creative ways to apply and practice mindfulness meaningfully in their lives. Learn more about Kelly's journey in her article on Gifted Parenting or feel free to get in touch with her

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