New Group Forming: Business Builders Group

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Are you an entrepreneur? Are you thinking about starting your own business?

IG Member Seán O’Connell is starting a group for our members who are building or have built businesses. The group will meet monthly to discuss their projects and plan, share experiences and brainstorm together.

Beginning a business can be intimidating and overwhelming. It can also be lonely at times. And for a gifted person it brings its own challenge of intensity along the inevitable emotional rollercoaster ride. But it can also be enjoyable, challenging and immensely rewarding! Our group brings together people who are building or have already built a business to provide some oft-needed support through group discussion, sharing of experiences and brainstorming. The goals of the group are to learn and grow from each others’ unique skills and experience, give and receive advise to and from other members, think bigger, celebrate triumphs, network, possibly collaborate, and have fun and do something meaningful with our businesses!


Learn more about the Business Builders Group group and sign up on the groups page!


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