Announcing our New Gifted Adolescent Community!


We are incredibly excited to announce our new InterGifted adolescent community. We're creating a community space specifically for gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional adolescents (ages 13-18). With the support of our leadership team, this community will be run by the daughter of our very own InterGifted coach Kelly Pryde (and founder of our partner project the Gifted Mindfulness Collective). Marei Pryde is a 17-year-old gifted adolescent that knows what it's like to need to connect with gifted peers in meaningful ways, and she's excited to be creating this community and making that connection possible for her and her many gifted peers in the world.

InterGifted is an organization dedicated to meaningful and empowering personal and social development for gifted people. Thus, like all of our community groups and initiatives, our focus in our adolescent group is on cultivating a space where gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional adolescents can engage in meaningful and constructive connection - making friends, having insightful discussions about living and thriving as a gifted person, and finding creatives ways to collaborate or otherwise benefit from the connections they make.

Our adolescent community meets in a secret Facebook group moderated by Marei and supervised by our leadership. You can learn more about our community and join here:

Please help us spread the word about this important initiative!

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