New Group Forming: What Comes After Religion?

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Aurélien Sallin has formed a group for those who are in the process of giving up or have already given up religion, and who feel the need to discuss their mixed feelings of guilt and freedom together with gifted peers facing the same questions. He asks: What does it feel like when we abandon a certain set of religious beliefs? What triggers a decision to free ourselves from such beliefs? How does guilt hold us back from expressing our doubts?

Aurélien grew up Catholic and was very involved in his church, but in his early 20’s, he had a lot of questions that he couldn’t answer to his satisfaction. After a lot of reflection, he made a decision to try to live without the idea of God, in order to see if he really needed it or not.  He says that since then, he’s struggled with guilt and shame, but he’s also felt much more positive and somehow liberated! He started this group to be able explore this mixture of feelings with others like-minded people who have had similar experiences and would benefit from discussing them seriously and constructively.


To read more about his group, and to join in, go to his Groups Page.


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