Peer Coaching for Gifted Teens & Adults

Peer coaching for gifted or twice-exceptional people is all about giving you the opportunity to support and be supported by a like-minded peer as you navigate your personal, professional, academic, or relational life. We help you understand the basics of coaching, so that you can best help and be helped. Peer coaching is inspirational, motivational, and provides profoundly meaningful social mirroring for gifted people don't always have easy access to peers at their level of giftedness.



you support a gifted peer and they support you




we help you find a gifted peer coaching partner



we train you to peer coach & help you set goals



you alternate sessions with your peer & we support you


How does gifted peer coaching help me?

Many gifted people struggle to find peers who are able to and like to speak deeply about matters. Seeking advice, guidance and peer support from non-gifted people can feel frustrating. "Just stop thinking so much", "just relax", and "just go with the flow", are common pieces of advice that frustrate gifted people looking for understanding, support and encouragement in life. When gifted people engage with their gifted peers, they find their mental complexity and intensity mirrored back to them. They feel it more easy and natural to go "at their speed", to discuss deep issues that really matter to them, and to work hard to get a big picture understanding without resorting to "easy answers". Within gifted peer coaching, conversations feel easier, which makes authentic expressing feel easier; this leads to meaningful insights, solutions, breakthroughs, inspirations, and connections.


Is it better to get professional coaching or peer coaching? 

It depends on what you're looking for. Our professional coaches have years of training and experience working with gifted people, and your peer coach will not likely have such a background. If you need a professional to mentor or guide you in understanding your giftedness, or in helping you resolve complex emotional, mental health, or trauma issues, professional coaching is in order. Also, if you do not feel that you want to 'trade' the support you receive for the support you give, professional coaching is in order. If that is the case for you, contact us for a free intro session to professional coaching. However, if you would simply like a peer at your similar level of giftedness who can have meaningful discussions with you, and support and provide you insight on your journey, peer coaching is for you!


How does the peer coaching process unfold? 

We help match you to a peer, and then we spend time with you and your peer via Skype to get you ready for your coaching relationship (usually one to three training sessions). After this, you are ready to start peer coaching. Sessions usually happens via phone or Skype, and you alternate sessions with your peer partner for a minimum of five sessions each. This means that you are, at minimum, the coach five times and you are the coachee five times; and you can continue as long as needed. We support you through the process, and help you work out any issues that might pop up along the way.


How much does it cost and how do I get started?

Matching is free and the cost of the training session(s) are 100 USD per peer coach per session. The peer coaching sessions cost 25 USD, with a minimum commitment of five sessions. Thus, costs start from 250 USD. You can get started by scheduling an intro call with us via the contact form below!



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