We match you with a peer, and you arrange ongoing meetings with your peer coach according to needs and logistical considerations. Weekly or bi-weekly Skype calls are the most common options, but you get to work that out directly with your partner.

As long as you want it to. At some point, if you need to change partners as you develop because of changing goals and objectives, we can help you do that. The goal is to get you the ongoing support you need to fully blossom! That's usually a lifetime project, and coaching can be a great catalyst throughout the journey.

Mentally speaking, gifted people often work more by "skip-stepping" and "meta-thinking" through ideas and feelings rather than going linearly via step-by-step logic. That is to say, gifted people's conversations usually go fast (skip-stepping, seeing ahead) and get big (meta-thinking, seeing patterns) rather quickly. When gifted people engage with non-gifted people, they often feel confusing (and/or confused), and as though the conversation were moving too slowly or too predictably. They can also overwhelm their non-gifted peers with their intensity.

Seeking peer advice and guidance with non-gifted people can feel frustrating when there is a lack of understanding, and gifted people sometimes feel that the "easy answers" aren't enough, or miss the point altogether. "Just stop thinking so much", "just relax", and "just go with the flow", are common pieces of advice from non-gifted listeners. But for the gifted person, it's not that easy. The gifted mind doesn't just want to relax, it wants to create. It doesn't just want to stop thinking, it wants to think more efficiently and usefully. It doesn't want to just "go with the flow", if the flow is unengaging.

In this way, connecting with other gifted people is an electrifying experience. "They get me!" is the generally enthusiastic response, and it results in feeling understood and encouraged at one's level.  When gifted people engage with their gifted peers, they find their mental complexity and intensity mirrored back to them. They feel it more easy and natural to go "at their speed", to discuss deep issues that really matter to them. It feels normal to want to create, think more efficiently and usefully, and engage fully - because these are deep needs shared by their gifted peers! Within gifted peer coaching, conversations feel easier, which makes authentic expressing feel easier, collaborative problem-solving, and creating innovative solutions easier as well.

In general, coaching is for people who want to go from "zero to ten" ("zero" meaning generally healthy, and "ten" meaning thriving). Other modalities, such as therapy, are aimed at helping people go from "minus ten" (suffering greatly) back to "zero" (generally healthy). In other words, if you are general healthy, and want encouragement to reach goals and fulfill potential, coaching is for you. If you need support getting back to zero (neutral), our Gifted Coaching Network can connect to the right helping professional and/or resources. Getting back to "zero" can then help prepare you to be ready for peer-to-peer coaching.

Issues that Peer Coaching addresses:
-business strategy and development
-professional projects and goals
-personal growth challenges and opportunities
-spiritual and mind development
-healthy relating and communicating
-creativity and performance

Issues that need a professional therapist or coach:
-trauma recovery
-psychological disorders
-severe relational problems

If you are still unsure, ask us.

Sure! The advantage of being part of the program is the training you receive in the crash course, and the ongoing support we provide to make sure your peer coaching partnership is successful. Of course, you can give it a try on your own first, and if you get stuck, you can come back and go through the training.

300 USD to get matched and be trained, and 25 USD per peer coaching session (in which you are coached, usually in rounds of five sessions).

There is no money exchange between you and your peer. It is simply a time exchange. The initial fees cover getting matched up to your peer coach and the crash course sessions. The session fees cover our ongoing support and follow up sessions, as well as the maintenance and development of the peer network.

We run a funding network which is aimed at supporting gifted people with limited financial means. Contact us if you cannot afford to participate, and our fund may be able to sponsor you! The principle is simple: we fund you, and when you can, you "pay it forward" with a contribution to our network. The contribution can be financial or you can donate time and talent. We work those details out directly with you.