Creatives Group

This is a subgroup of the InterGifted community which focuses on giftedness and creative expression. We aim to connect on matters of CREATIVE inspiration, motivation, clarity, insights, progress, projects, challenges, and so on, all as they relate to our giftedness.

Here, we define creativity in a large sense: it is creative thinking and creative expression, not only “art” in the traditional sense. Your creativity may be shown in your work, entrepreneurship, personal expression, parenting style, or any other way, including but certainly not limited to art. For many gifted people, creativity is a way of seeing the world, and everything they see and touch becomes art!

Members can share what they are working on, ask for feedback from other members, share resources on giftedness and creativity, and connect with other members one-to-one or in small groups.

Sometimes we have temporary group leaders who are guiding our discussions, other times we are self-organizing. Sometimes our group is quite active, other times there are periods of relative quiet. Jump in and take a proactive role in your participation with us. We are all gifted people on a journey of discovery, no one here is the expert, and we are all peers.


Who can participate?

Open to all gifted creatives, whatever your form of creativity. Hobby, professional, or in-the-moment-expression creativity counts! If you want to explore creativity as a form of self-care, discover where your giftedness and creative expression intersect, and be supported in your creativity in a group of gifted peers, join us!


How much does it cost?

We ask a one-time entry fee of 30 Swiss Francs.

How do I join?

Send in your payment of 30 Swiss Francs to, and we will send you your invite within two days. Please note that your invite will come via email directly from Facebook. To ensure it gets delivered to the right email address, please indicate in your payment if the email address associated with your Facebook account is different than the email address associated with your PayPal account). If you have any questions, email us at


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