Privacy Policy

InterGifted is a place where we value privacy and safety. This means that when it comes to any personal information you share with us, we will always make every effort possible to protect said data and maintain transparency in all our practices. The following privacy policy outlines our practices for collecting and storing your information as a part of the work and interaction that we do here at InterGifted.

The primary information that we collect is an email address that you provide when you sign-up for our newsletter. In this case, your information is collected and stored by MailChimp and viewable by us. We use this information when we send out newsletters and email updates/announcements, as well as to add people to our secret Facebook groups.

In order to protect your information, all data is kept within our MailChimp account on their secure server environment. We also have your personal email on record if you sign up for a group event or contact us directly by email for coaching, peer coaching, funding, or other questions. In these cases we will use your email address to communicate with you.

In cases where you contact us for inclusion in peer groups and community, your email will be shared with the appropriate peer group leader who will use the information to contact you about group meetings and activities.

In instances where you email InterGifted for referral to coaching or therapy search services, we will, with your express permission, send your contact information for the particular coach(es) we match you to.

If you inquire about joining an InterGifted course or workshop, we will send your contact information to the facilitor of the course or workshop.

This same principle applies to requests from you to be put in contact with other InterGifted members. We will share your information with the desired party per your permission/request and they will be responsible for reaching out to you if desired.

Any information related to payment for coaching arranged through InterGifted will be solely up to the discretion and arrangements made between you and the coach. Payments to InterGifted for group entry fees, course/workshop attendance fees, digital products or other donations are processed through PayPal.

We will only otherwise share the information that we collect if legally required to by law.

If you should have any questions about the information that we have of yours, please contact us at There is no charge for this and may take approximately a week to research for you.