Resourcing Workshop for Therapists & Coaches — June 2021

Resourcing Workshop for Therapists & Coaches

in English or German

Coming in June, our gifted energy and body therapist Esther Goldinger will be guiding a group of gifted therapists and coaches in a workshop designed to help them connect to their inner energetic resources as a helping professional. In our current world, many of us therapists and coaches are finding that our clients need extra support and empowerment; and we too have to manage the fast-shifting energies, ongoing world changes, and the lack of safety many of us are tuning into on all layers of being. To be a strong and safe energy for our clients in times like this (and any time), it is essential that we know how and where to go to replenish our own energetic resources.

In this workshop, Esther will guide you to connect with your power within. You will explore your inner resources as a holistic experience (emotional, sensual, visual, physical, mental) and integrate them into your whole system. She will use guided visualization, art-making, discussion, and group sharing to facilitate this process. The workshop will conclude with a time for Q&A, where Esther will take your questions on how you can use the resourcing process with your own clients.

The workshop will last for about 1.5 to 2 hours and costs 100 CHF. There is an offering of this workshop in English, and one in German as well.

The date and time for the workshop will be chosen together with the participants (we aim to schedule in June). Space limited to 6 participants per group.

Register by emailing Esther at



About Esther Goldinger

Esther is InterGifted's energy- and body-based therapist for gifted people. She specializes in supporting gifted therapists, coaches and other helping professionals, as well as other gifted adults, in healing from gifted trauma, regulating their nervous systems, and balancing their various energetic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fields. You can learn more about her work and schedule a session with her at Golden Flow Therapy.


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