Responding to our Changing World, a course with Jennifer Harvey Sallin — coming in Autumn 2021

Responding to our Changing World

InterGifted's founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin is currently forming a course to start in Autumn 2021, for gifted people who are ready to consciously engage with and face the challenges of our changing world.

We will explore the following themes:

  • how you can best process what is going on in the world
  • using your resources, gifts and influence for advocacy and change-making
  • navigating relational challenges in a polarized social context
  • building resilience and overcoming personal and professional obstacles during periods of sustained challenge
  • self-care, developing a personal philosophy of technology use, nature (re)connection & rewilding
  • gifted-specific challenges and solutions to courageous, wise, determined and balanced engagement in the world

This course will be a long format (6 months) and will allow participants to dive deep into their personal and social processes, to formulate and make progress toward important goals of engagement, to move beyond current limitations to thinking/action/mindset/context, and to expand their scope of influence and socially connected engagement in the world. A module will be provided for each session, including required reading; in-depth homework preparation and submission will be required for each session. This course is ideal for, but not limited to, gifted adults in leadership roles.

Space is limited to 7 participants. We will meet on Zoom once a month for 6 months and cost will be 225 CHF per session. Scheduling will be determined based on participant availability.

Requirements for this course are: that you are in a stable-to-thriving professional and personal situation, that you have done a fair amount of self-development work, and that you are ready to fully engage with your fellow gifted participants in exploring your challenges, opportunities and perspectives.

To express your interest in joining this course, email Jen with your background and motivations for joining. 

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