IG Coaching Network Talk: Ronnie Grandell on Giftedness and Self-Compassion – Recording Now Available


Giftedness & Self-Compassion

Hosted by: Ronnie Grandell
When: March 22nd, 2016 at 6.00pm Central European Time
Find the talk handout here.

Self-compassion is all about learning to treat yourself like a you would treat a dear friend – something that in principle sounds simple enough, but in reality, we all know how loud and stubborn that critical inner voice can be. This is especially true for gifted people, whose creative minds can imagine endless scenarios of idealistic heights and tragic lows in virtually any given situation.

On March 22nd at 6.00pm Central European Time, Ronnie Grandell, one of our InterGifted Coaching Network coaches and author of Itsemyötätunto (“Self-Compassion” in Finnish), hosted an IG Coaching Network Talks, in which he presented an introduction into self-compassion with emphasis on a very positive approach for gifted people in using self-compassion in their daily lives.

The talk is appropriate for any gifted person facing issues with a critical inner voice, perfectionism, hypersensitivity, and the other typical “side-effects” of being gifted.  As a result how their sometimes overactive minds work, gifted people are known to struggle with complex and intense feelings of isolation, self-blame, unhealthy idealism, shame and rumination, among other challenging and debilitating mental processes. They are known to hold very high (sometimes impossible) standards for themselves and others, and they are known to be overwhelmed at times by their own intellectual, emotional, sensual, physical or imaginational intensities and complexity.

It’s not all bad being gifted, that’s for sure, but this potentially toxic combination of inner criticism and unhealthy idealism can make self-compassion particularly challenging – and equally helpful – for gifted people. Ronnie Grandell is a psychologist, coach for gifted people and author on self-compassion; in his talk, he will brought insight from his work with clients, his writing, and his personal experience as a gifted person with his own stubborn critical inner voice. In other words, an ideal person to help fellow gifted people understand how to approach and make the most of self-compassion in their complex lives, in order to better channel and enjoy their intensity!

For an intro to his talk on Self-Compassion & Giftedness, watch Ronnie’s TEDxTurku talk on Self-Compassion here:

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