Our new ebook is here! These Gifts Are Sacred — now available at our bookshop

These Gifts Are Sacred: 

Exploring our Giftedness Through Contemplative Poetry & Art


Sacredness is about wholeness. It is about value, worth, right, nurturance, gratitude, wonder, awe and reverence. For many gifted adults, we have lost touch with the sacredness of our gifts as they have been filtered through harmful cultural narratives and gifted traumas we have lived through. Remembering (re-membering) ourselves and our gifts in their sacredness requires a generous process of refocusing our attention and reclaiming our innate right to wholeness. In These Gifts Are Sacred, poets paired with artists in our community to create an anthology of illustrated poems exploring the sacredness of our gifted experience. This moving and deeply nourishing compilation invites you into the sacred space we’ve created, to re-member the wholeness of your gifted self together with us.

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Harvey Sallin, in 2022. It includes 36 contributors and 32 illustrated poems. 83 pages in PDF format.


Now available at our bookshop: www.intergifted.com/bookshop!



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