Self-Leadership & Authentic Connection – Q+A for Gifted Men

Self-leadership is the concerted effort we make to take responsibility for guiding ourselves along the path to developing into fully mature, generative adults. For many gifted men, the process involves resolving experiences of impasse -- being deeply stuck in a kind of rut that can be felt as "failing to actualize potential", or standing still even while making seemingly titanic efforts to move forward in one's journey of self-development, with overtones of isolation, lack of connection, and dissonance between the cultural images of what it means to be a man, versus one's complex, individual lived experience.

This week until November 2nd in our peer community, our coach Merlin B. Györy is hosting an open Q+A. Merlin will be taking members' questions and sharing his insight on how to move forward in the path of self-leadership as a gifted man, validating the particular challenges and opportunities of being a gifted man in the world right now, in ways that include both personal and relational development.

One of Merlin's specialties is supporting gifted men, partners of gifted men, and gifted couples in creating constructive, generative connection. In addition to his gifted-specific expertise, he weaves in his experience as a long-time martial and movement arts instructor, and his leadership within spiritual self-development groups dedicated to men's holistic self-growth, which have expanded and complemented his perspective on masculine development.


How to participate: if you're already a member of our community, just come over to our group page to participate. If you're not yet a member, considering joining us here.

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