That gifted people around the globe are able to meet fundamental needs via proactive engagement with their gifted peers.

Our reference for "fundamental needs" comes from bottom-up development models which plan community growth, development and sustenance based on meeting human needs. Of particular interest to IG is the Human Needs and Human-scale Development Model, from economist Manfred Max-Neef, whose matrix of needs below helps us considering what needs we are meeting and how we are offering to meet them within the IG Community.


To provide the infrastructure, support, education, guidance, opportunity, and professional development opportunities that allow gifted people to proactively meet their fundamental needs with and among their gifted peers.

As this filters down into the primary channels of support for our members, IG has the follow "departments":


Proactivity, collaboration, solidarity, kindness, promoting knowledge on giftedness, and promoting good living for gifted people.


Here are some ways that InterGifted supports members in meeting fundamental needs. You can use this list as a self-identification tool to see what needs you currently have, and where you want to proactively engage in the InterGifted community.

  • Finding opportunities for professional collaboration via our community and peer groups
  • Getting professional guidance from our coaches and mentors
  • Working with our coaching network or offering other paid initiatives via InterGifted
  • Our supportive community and our peer groups are protected spaces for you to interact with your gifted peers
  • Our coaches and mentors offer safe spaces for you to explore difficult themes, challenges, and emotions
  • Our assessments allow you to discover how your mind works, without having to worry about judgment or bullying
  • Our workshops allow you to explore and learn in a safe, protected environment
  • In our community and peer groups, you find like-minded friends with whom it is safe to share affection
  • In our workshops, you get to interact and meaningfully support and encourage other gifted people - and be supported and encouraged in return
  • In coaching and mentoring, you can express private emotions and feel encouraged and appreciated while doing so
  • You can learn about your unique cognition in our giftedness assessments
  • You can learn about personal and social development in coaching and mentoring and via our workshops and coursees
  • You can learn about how to support other gifted people in our trainings for gifted professionals
  • You can learn from your gifted peers in our communities and peer groups
  • You can learn about the true gifted experience in our community ebooks
  • You can learn about many nuances of the gifted life and development via our blog
  • You can learn about specific aspects of yourself as a gifted individual via our partner programs
  • Our coaches, mentors, support team and volunteers actively participate in making InterGifted's community what it is
  • Our community and peer groups are all designed to allow maximal participation from all members
  • Volunteers help us run our peer groups
  • You can participate in our events and community initiatives, such as our writing projects
  • You can participate in group calls, local meet-ups, and workshops and courses
  • You can participate in helping us raise awareness about giftedness in adulthood and the unique needs of gifted people by following us and sharing our initiatives in your networks
  • You can support our community via donation
  • You can have fun connecting and discussing within our community and peer groups
  • You can meet up with local InterGifted members
  • You can co-create with us via our community initiatives
  • You can co-create initiatives for raising awareness about adult giftedness with us
  • Peer group leaders can create the kind of group they desire
  • Our coaches and mentors can write articles for our blogs, create workshops and courses, and other initiatives for our community
  • You can find co-creative partners in our community
  • Via an assessment, you can better understand your unique cognitive profile
  • Via coaching and mentoring, you can better understand who you are, what your values are, what your passions are, and how to have a stable identity in the world
  • Via our community and peer groups, you get a sense of belonging and healthy and constructive group identity, which contributes to healthy self-image and self-esteem
  • Via our workshops and courses, we help you explore and strengthen aspects of your personal, professional and social identity
  • Via our community, you can feel a sense of overcoming physical boundaries, as our members vary greatly in age, race, physical location and culture
  • Our community solves the problem of the statistical minority of gifted people - we help you find that less than 5% you'd otherwise struggle to find
  • Our community gives you a place to safely and constructively speak your mind and have challenging and engaging discussions
  • And it allows you to take healthy and constructive social risks because of an underlying feeling of self-esteem and social safety amongst true peers