Our Vision, Mission & Values

Guiding vision

That gifted people around the world are able to meet fundamental needs via proactive engagement with their gifted peers.


Our mission is to provide a space in which gifted adults who are committed to courageous and serious self-leadership, social thriving, and using their gifts to make a positive difference in the world, can gather together to learn from and support each other in their giftedness discovery, integration and beyond.


Proactivity, collaboration, solidarity, kindness, self-leadership, courage, dignity and holism.

The origins of our vision

Our reference for "fundamental needs" comes from bottom-up development models which view personal and community growth and development from the perspective of meeting basic human needs. Of particular interest to us are:

These models help us to tailor our assessment, coaching, courses and community offerings to meeting fundamental needs of our gifted peers, and thus to contributing to gifted thriving both individually and collectively.