The Sustainable Self: Gifted Resilience, with Marion Kee — starting July 25th

About the Seminar Series

In these times of unprecedented change, our gifted minds can latch onto the expectations and fears we harbor, instead of creatively working to help us adapt. We may find ourselves in a disempowering cycle of overthinking, then reacting to what we think, risking paralysis and a lack of hope.

This InterGifted webinar series led by Marion Kee will outline a functional approach to gifted resilience–the practice of conscious, persistent and healthy behaviors in key areas:

  • Material well-being (bodily health, livelihood)
  • Emotional/Intellectual well-being (beliefs, attitudes, mindfulness)
  • Communication and relationships (self, family, friends, community)
  • Informational well-being (authenticity, meaning, creative practice–spirituality, if you like)
  • Integration with the larger web (sustainable living, ethics, responsibility towards the whole)

Resilient living as a practice allows us to approach profound change by putting one foot in front of the other, focusing on the now while creating healthier lives. Gifted resilience allows us to be flexible and adaptable in meeting the challenges and opportunities of our times, using our gifts to help make a better world.

The first session will introduce a basic practice of physical, attitudinal and mind-focusing exercise that will continue throughout the series, to help participants build a practice of being in the world that can be tailored to each individual as they discover what works best for them. The above key areas (material, emotional, intellectual well-being; communication and relationships, etc), will be covered in each session: in the first session (July 25) they will be primarily approached from the individual angle; in the second session (August 8) from the angle of the individual in relationship with others, and in the third session (August 22) from the view of the larger picture of a gifted life on the planet at this time of tremendous change. Each webinar will include slides, pointers and resources for further learning, as well as ample time for Q+A to address your individual questions. Participants can sign up for one, two or all three sessions.

How to Register

Our three 90-120 minute sessions in this series will take place on Zoom on three Saturdays in July & August (July 25, August, August 22) starting at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 7pm CEST. Cost is on a sliding scale of 30 to 50 USD per webinar, according to what you can afford. A recording will be provided following the session to all registered participants.

Each webinar is limited to 20 participants, and you can register for session three (August 22) by sending in your payment to our paylink (pay according to what you can afford, between 30-50 USD for each session). Please include a note to let us know you are paying for The Sustainable Self Seminars.

If you missed sessions one or two and would like the audio recording and session materials for one or both sessions, you are welcome to pay the same session fee (30-50 USD, according to what you can afford) and we will send the materials to you via email. In that case, please include a note letting us know that you are paying for the session recording and materials.

If you have questions about registration, you can email us.

Looking forward to being with you!

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