Gifted Autistic Mentoring Program – a new individualized mentorship program with Fabienne Wydler

We’re happy to announce the arrival of our new individualized mentoring program for gifted autistic adults who aim to deepen their self-knowledge and explore their self-leadership skills as a neurodivergent individual. This program is designed to encourage gifted autistic people to innovate by applying their unique way of seeing and experiencing the world. It’s all about how the strengths and challenges of giftedness and autism provide unique opportunities for growth, expression, meaning-making and connection with yourself and others.… Read More

Gifted Autistic Women’s Group, with Fabienne Wydler — starting May 2022

Our next online Gifted Autistic Women’s Peer Discussion Group, starting in Spring 2022, is now open for registration. Join six of your gifted and autistic female peers for two hours online every month for six months to share, discuss and explore various themes related to life as a gifted and autistic woman.… Read More