12 Meditations for the Earth

This week starts the global climate strikes, and we encourage all gifted people everywhere to join in and raise their voice in support of the healing and restoration of our planet. Gifted people have a special point of view to contribute to the social support of systemic reform, and InterGifted wants to be part of helping us find our voices and reconnecting to our home. Here are 12 meditations from our project I Heart Earth to guide you in your process of reconnecting to and helping Earth heal.… Read More

Gifted Adolescents: Challenges and Opportunities for Connection, Meaning and Purpose

Gifted adolescents don’t always have the easiest time finding each other. That’s why Marei Pryde has started an InterGifted Adolescents Community. In this interview, Marei discusses the unique challenges and opportunities of gifted youth of today. Read as she explores how the neurodiversity movement has helped provide hope, inspiration and positive change for gifted youth, and how gifted adolescents are finding meaning and connection in the climate emergency.

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Climate Emergency and Gifted Advocacy – Q+A with Jan Provoost

As a part of InterGifted’s ongoing commitment on behalf of our planet – and alongside our new partner project, I Heart Earth – we invite you to a climate-emergency themed Q+A in our community this coming week. Our coach and climate advocate Jan Provoost will be helping us sort through the facts on the climate crisis, and process the emotional realities of the many phases of stepping into advocacy as a gifted person. Our Q+A will start tomorrow, June 30th, and go till Friday, July 5th.
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I Heart Earth: Our New Climate Emergency Response Partner Initiative

I Heart Earth is a new global initiative that emerged out of the current climate crisis and our leadership’s and community’s commitment to lending our voices and resources to the restoration of the Earth. Join us for discussions, literature, events, meditations and a collective cultivation of compassion, gratitude, healing, solidarity, and commitment in the face of this emergency. … Read More

Climate Emergency & Finding My Unique Gifted Contribution

Gifted people all over the world are struggling to find a sense of optimism and hope regarding the climate emergency. Many of us are finding that, before we can commit to action and put our intelligence and gifts to work for the collective, we must diligently work through grief, despair and paralysis. In this article, InterGifted’s founding director Jennifer Harvey shares her personal journey to of healing and helps us explore how cultivating compassion and a keen awareness of our own particular passions and gifts play in the process.… Read More