6-Week Immersive Course: Gifted Mindfulness Foundations – Registration Now Open

This 6-week immersive program starting in late October has been carefully crafted over several years to weave together eastern wisdom, modern science, and gifted experience in ways that are relevant to the gifted journey. Each week, together with Kelly Pryde and a group of 10 gifted peers, you’ll explore the neuroscience, practical tools, relevance and individual applications of mindfulness practices for your gifted mind and body. Join us!
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Wholeness-Based Relating: A Course for Gifted People

Join IG coach Karin Eglinton on a new four-part course getting to the heart of relational issues for gifted people. Many gifted people struggle to feel connected and to form the kind of meaningful social and romantic relationships we deeply desire. In this course, relational issues will be turned “inside out” as we explore the dynamics of self-relationship and then shift our focus to the external world to explore how you can cultivate a supportive ecosystem of connection, and how to refine your relational skills so you can bridge gaps of difference with others in your life.

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InterGifted Meet-Up in Bern, Switzerland – June 17th

  Next month, we’re going to meet up in Bern, Switzerland. If you’re in the area, please come join us for an afternoon/evening on June 17th. We’ll have a swim in the Aare and follow up with a nice dinner together. Learn more and rsvp via our InterGifted Facebook page or via email.

Our Writing Month Compilation is Here! Embracing the Gifted Quest

You can purchase your copy on our new IG Bookshop! A big thank you to all our members who participated in the writing month! It was a wonderful experience.… Read More

IG Coaching Network Talk: Paula Prober on Your Rainforest Mind

Your Rainforest Mind With: Paula Prober When: July 12th, 2016 at 6.00pm Central European Summer Time Paula Prober has been working to help gifted individuals for nearly 40 years, first as a teacher and for the last 25 years, as a psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and speaker. In her new book, Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth, we meet clients with whom she has worked in … Read More

IG Coaching Network Talk: Ronnie Grandell on Giftedness and Self-Compassion – Recording Now Available

  Giftedness & Self-Compassion Hosted by: Ronnie Grandell When: March 22nd, 2016 at 6.00pm Central European Time Find the talk handout here. Self-compassion is all about learning to treat yourself like a you would treat a dear friend – something that in principle sounds simple enough, but in reality, we all know how loud and stubborn that critical inner voice can be. This is especially true for gifted people, whose creative minds can … Read More