Announcing our New Gifted Adolescent Community!

We are incredibly excited to announce our new InterGifted adolescent community. We’re creating a community space specifically for gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional adolescents (ages 13-18). With the support of our leadership team, this community will be run by the daughter of our very own InterGifted coach Kelly Pryde (and founder of our partner project the Gifted Mindfulness Collective) — Marei Pryde.… Read More

New Gifted Educators Peer Group

Come join our new international peer group for gifted educators! Anyone in the field of education is welcome, not just teachers – for example, interns and those working toward their teaching degree/certification, those working in school-settings such as counselors and instructional assistants, tutors, and so on. Our group combines open, non-led discussion space with facilitated discussions. … Read More

Gifted Parenting: Three Treasures Along the Way

As an adult, discovering your own giftedness often occurs as a side-effect of discovering your child’s giftedness. Consciously integrating these discoveries into your family life requires identity adjustment and perspective-taking. In this article, gifted mom and InterGifted family coach Kelly Pryde shares her own family’s journey toward this integration. A version of this article originally appeared in the InterGifted Community’s ebook Embracing the Gifted Quest.… Read More