New Gifted Educators Peer Group

Come join our new international peer group for gifted educators! Anyone in the field of education is welcome, not just teachers – for example, interns and those working toward their teaching degree/certification, those working in school-settings such as counselors and instructional assistants, tutors, and so on. Our group combines open, non-led discussion space with facilitated discussions. … Read More

Gifted Parenting: Three Treasures Along the Way

As an adult, discovering your own giftedness often occurs as a side-effect of discovering your child’s giftedness. Consciously integrating these discoveries into your family life requires identity adjustment and perspective-taking. In this article, gifted mom and InterGifted family coach Kelly Pryde shares her own family’s journey toward this integration. A version of this article originally appeared in the InterGifted Community’s ebook Embracing the Gifted Quest.… Read More