The Art of Gifted Leadership Course, with Jennifer Harvey Sallin — starting in March 2024

The Art of Gifted Leadership Course is a combination personal and professional development course for gifted adults in positions of leadership. It is an ideal professional development program for gifted leaders who want to consciously integrate their holistic gifted traits and needs into their leadership development and roles, to tap into their full gifted potential, and to learn sustainable, authentic and self-compassionate ways to employ their integrated gifted energies to make a positive difference in the world.  … Read More

Young Gifted Leaders Circle: A Free Support & Guidance Circle for Gifted Teens, led by Jennifer Harvey Sallin

This circle, led by our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin, is dedicated to supporting and guiding young gifted people who are taking a leadership position in climate and ecological work, advocacy and activism. We will host discussions on youth leadership development, transmuting difficult emotions into powerful action, using our gifts for change, advocacy and activism framing, group brainstorming and support, and other ways for creating sustainable and effective climate and ecological leadership. … Read More