Navigating Twice-Exceptionality with Silver Huang
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If you are gifted or twice-exceptional, this podcast interview with with Aurora Remember Holtzman and Silver Huang is for you. Silver is profoundly gifted and autistic and has worked hard to discover a way to be authentic and to thrive. Learn about her journey and listen to her advice for other gifted and twice-exceptional people on the journey to self-acceptance and authenticity.… Read More

How InterGifted was Born
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Jennifer Harvey Sallin started InterGifted in 2015 as a means to connect gifted peers around the world. In this article she shares her experience of publicly talking about being gifted for the first time, her motivations for creating InterGifted, how gifted people can recognize giftedness in themselves and others, and why it’s not arrogant to be sincerely who you are.

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Interview of Aurélien: Questioning Religion
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An Interview by Amy Schief I had the opportunity today to meet with Aurélien and talk with him about his InterGifted peer group: What Comes after Religion? His group’s first discussion was set to take place that very evening. Lucky me that we live in the same town in Switzerland so we decided to meet at an odd little café that neither of us had ever ventured into. The coffee … Read More