Writers Masterclass – Gifted Advocacy, with Jan Provoost & Zoe Valour — starting December 2022

You are looking for input, feedback, reflection, or inspiration to help you get through whatever is blocking you, and take your writing to the next level? Then this masterclass is definitely for you! In the online sessions, we’ll discuss a broad range of topics and give mutual, constructive feedback on each other’s texts. In between sessions, there will be time to experiment in a safe, shared space, with loads of tips, guidance, exercises, and opportunities to share your writing.… Read More

Writers Masterclass: Gifted Advocacy, with Jan Provoost — starting December 2021

Coming this Autumn, join writing coach Jan Provoost for a gifted writers masterclass. This is a special class for gifted people who year to voice their experience and opinion to a gifted or general public, through articles, b/vlogs, social media posts, or – why not – a book? This class will help you bolster your unique, gifted writing voice and touch readers in a truthful and authentic way; and to develop your writing for advocacy and leadership. … Read More