Gifted Talented Neurodiverse Awareness Week, with The G Word Film

We’re excited to be participating in The G Word Film’s Gifted Talented Neurodiverse Awareness Week, October 25 – 29. We’ll be co-sponsoring Gifted Adults Day on October 27th, and participating in a panel discussion on gifted adult development themes. This webinar is free and open to the public. … Read More

The Sustainable Self: Gifted Resilience, with Marion Kee — starting July 25th

As gifted people with an exceptional amount of natural mental resources to use, as well as intensity and drive to use them, we often find ourselves burning out when we fail to use our mind’s resources sustainably. During this time of world upheaval, uncertainty and opportunity for change, we have a unique window to (re)learn a different, more sustainable path. Join our upcoming online seminar series with Marion Kee us learn and develop sustainable practices for our minds and bodies.… Read More