Writers Masterclass – Gifted Advocacy, with Jan Provoost & Zoe Valour — starting December 2022

You are looking for input, feedback, reflection, or inspiration to help you get through whatever is blocking you, and take your writing to the next level? Then this masterclass is definitely for you! In the online sessions, we’ll discuss a broad range of topics and give mutual, constructive feedback on each other’s texts. In between sessions, there will be time to experiment in a safe, shared space, with loads of tips, guidance, exercises, and opportunities to share your writing.… Read More

Gifted Writer’s Workshops with Jan Provoost

Our writer’s workshop is aimed at people who want to explore writing as a gifted individual. People who have a secret writing dream that has been gathering dust, and who’d like to develop their unique, gifted writing voice and touch readers in a truthful and authentic way. Each participant will embark on a writing adventure. Having a group of gifted peer writers who get you and how your unusual mind works, who give you inspiration and feedback, and who push you to meet deadlines is an invaluable part of the process.… Read More