Switzerland |

Like many, I harbor that secret dream of writing a novel (or memoir in disguise). I’ve even had a title and a first page which, for years, I’ve moved from one computer to the next. And it would have stayed there, stashed away, if it weren’t for the Writers’ Workshop with Jen. See, I’m someone who needs a bit of structure, someone to tell me what to do (if only so I can rebel against it). And the Writers’ Workshop gave me that, as well as a safe space where I feel comfortable to expose my crappiest writing, and dig into the basement of old journals and fragments I’ve squirreled away through the years. What began as a hobby, a pastime, catching up with a dream deferred, is slowly but surely turning into a calling. Yes, as presumptuous as it may seem, I can see this becoming more of a life mission—if I only had the discipline. But hey, that’s what Jen is here for!