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I felt restricted by others, my environment and I had a genuine feeling of hopelessness. I was fed up of finding the overlap whilst communicating with another and squeezing my entire self into it. I actually just wanted to explore, learn and have fun. I wanted to interact with people on a light note whilst also being myself. Silver helped me explore my mind and reignite my spirit, she discovered so much I didn’t know about myself and also confirmed my thoughts about the things I suspected. It clearly felt like I was talking to someone who enjoyed to think and someone who had the information too. I found her to be really passionate and relaxed in her approach, she is open and honest and it was just an overwhelming experience as a whole. I felt the subtleties to the things she was saying connecting in my mind to make so much sense. After just a few minutes into our chat the chaos in my mind was already beginning to find order again. I really can’t remember the last time I had my expectations exceeded so substantially.