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I found InterGifted on the day I discovered that I might be gifted in some way. I threw caution to the winds and signed up for the InterGifted Newsletter and  joined the InterGifted Facebook Group immediately, in spite of my fear of not being truly gifted and it being obvious to people who were that I wasn’t. The InterGifted community is incredibly welcoming, non-judgmental and supportive. I felt right at home as a “different” thinker – and felt validated at every turn. In spite of my fears, the subject of whether I’m really gifted – or gifted enough to belong to the community – has never even come up. It is a non-issue. Everyone is totally accepting of everyone else’s views, perspectives and experiences: if you identify with thinking differently or being different and feeling inadequate or being criticised because of it, you belong. It feels like coming home – to a home you never really believed existed. The InterGifted coaches lead the way – with Jen riding point, setting the tone and disarming fear by being truly open, vulnerable, authentic and empathic. I encourage you to take the plunge: it will change your life!