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I had a dream when I was ten years old that haunted me ever since – some sort of prophetic dream with a deep and important meaning for my life. But despite years of studying dream analysis and being able to understand every one of my crazy dreams, that childhood dream remained a mystery to me. I often thought about doing hypnosis to decode it, but was too scared to reveal the contents of my gifted mind and the fragile emotions I felt in relationship to this dream. When Georges started studying hypnosis, I knew right away that I could trust him with this delicate information! My session with him was so profound that he seemed to effortlessly help me unlock the meaning of the dream in an instant. It was almost hard to believe, since what I hadn’t understood for over 20 years suddenly became evident in a flash. I had been right all along: my dream was prophetic – a meta-blueprint for some of the major childhood losses I would need to embrace and surrender to as an adult. And Georges’ presence and perceptiveness (during that session, and in all our many interactions before and since) helped me feel safe and understood as I embarked upon that journey of surrender and healing. Thank you Georges.