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The InterGifted community has been instrumental in helping me, a late/adult-identified gifted person, in reclaiming a sense of wholeness and well-being, through community belonging and support.

The private IG Facebook groups offer a very safe and compassionate space for gifted adults, young and old, to slowly feel they can drop their social survival facades and just be their naturally kaleidoscopic intense selves.

To even have the option to be who we are, without censorship, filtering, toning down or any other restrictions and repressions, is crucial to healthy identity and self-worth understanding, development and recovery.

I have found the diverse community of members in IG to be so supportive in their myriad ways. Many times, I have found that a simple conversation on Facebook with them is more helpful than any other professional help, that I received in years prior from non-gifted sources, because we all “get” one another. It is something that us gifted folk so sorely lack and need in our lives. I never even used to use social media until IG!

In a world teeming with tribulation on multiple spheres and levels—personal and professional, with family, peers, colleagues, educators and superiors—InterGifted’s community and coaches offer both safety and practical support for gifted folk to not only recover from years of exclusionary trauma but also to rediscover who they really are, after years of survival-impelled pretense.