Navigating Twice-Exceptionality with Silver Huang



Interview with Silver Huang

Join our coach, mentor and collaborator Silver Huang in this inspiring podcast interview. Here she shares her journey and insights about life as a profoundly gifted and autistic person; the challenges, the joys, the opportunities for growth. Most importantly, she shares how she learned self-acceptance, self-love, and how to cultivate her most authentic expression, after a life of misunderstanding and underestimating herself.

Silver is an inspirational woman who has risen to face many challenges, from overcoming cultural restraints and family legacies, to healing from chronic illness, and living most of her life as an undiagnosed autistic person and unrecognized gifted person. How her journey has unfolded since is a story worth hearing!


Interview by IG member Aurora Remember Holtzman on her Embracing Your Intensity podcast.




More about Silver and her work

Learn more and join Silver's upcoming November 5th launch of her InterGifted partner project, Intrepid Integrity. Follow along with her journey at and, on Intrepid Integrity's Facebook page.
To inquire about gifted coaching, mentoring or assessments with Silver, contact us at or learn more here and here.

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